Scarves Can Be a Man’s Best Friend

New Trend in Men’s Scarves There used to be a time when men wore scarves tied around their neck, barely visible. They were neatly tucked underneath their buttoned coat. Fashion for men has come a long way since then and scarves are a very trendy fashion item. Scarves add instant colour to a wardrobe and […]

Five Different Ways To Wear Silk Scarves

Scarves Provide Fashion Options There are so many ways to add scarves to your wardrobe to make it look plentiful. This creates the illusion of an endless closet and allows you to wear the same outfit many times. The silk bandanna will update the look of the outfit in a way that no one will […]

Spice Up Your Evening Wear With Soft Alpaca Shawls

What is a Shawl A shawl is a rectangular or squared piece of clothing worn loosely on arms, upper body and over the shoulders or head. Triangle and oblong shaped shawls are also available in the market. Shawls are known to be originated from Persia and first worn around 1662. One common way to wear […]