Cotton Scarves And The Linen Scarf Are An Affordable Stylish Accessory

  • Cotton scarves

  • …are no longer thought of as a simple functional accessory, but as a piece of apparel that is useful to any man or women. In fact, there are design houses that specialize in producing a range of attractive cotton and linen scarves that are sophisticated and stylish. Whether printed or plain, long or short, there are scarf options available today the like of which have never been seen before. If you like to look your best no matter where you may be, the following tips can help to red cotton scarvesensure that your choice of scarf does not make you look sloppy or as if from a bygone age.

  • Cotton scarves have been popular

  • …for a very long time, they are a classical accessory that is suitable all year round. As the material is usually thin, breathable, and lightweight, it is a choice that is opted for by both men and warm. What’s more, cotton is extremely durable, it wears extremely well and can last for many years.

    The only concern some people may have with this material is that it can cause an itchy neck if you are an allergy sufferer.  A simple cotton scarf can make any outfit take on a new lease of life. There are fun prints that can be had such as floral, checks, paisley, and stripes, each of which would look great with a simple t-shirt and jeans, or a casual suit. It would be the perfect choice for a lazy Sunday brunch with a loved one, or an evening soiree with friends.

    The key to looking good with a cotton scarf is to wear it casually, place it around the neck, and let the ends dangling nonchalantly in front. It can be attractive to have one end around six to twelve inches longer then the other, this can be wrapped around the neck again for extra style, when combined with a pair of funky sunglasses, the appearance is one straight out of modeling magazines.

  • Linen scarves

  • …are also extremely lightweight, they are the most breathable option and perfect for hot summer days. People of all ages can add a sense of glamor to their appearance with this type of scarf draped across their shoulders. It is hard to go wrong with a linen scarf, no matter what items you have in your wardrobe, you will find that this accessory matches all outfits in the most simple manner. Whether you like to dress up or dress down, this versatile fabric should be thought of as a must. Designer pieces are extremely pliable and soft, and are available in a broad variety of interesting prints and colors.

  • When out shopping for any cotton scarf

  • …the brand is important. A designer scarf will not set you back a small fortune, but it will add a sense of elegance to your appearance. They are more comfortable than the mass produced items, and come in a range of designs and styles that will really make you stand out form the crowd, whether out socializing or conducting business.

    It is important that you choose one that is made from one hundred per cent natural fibers. If the piece you were to choose contained man made fabric, it will not fall and drape as attractively as you may wish. To create the best effect, steer clear of cheap cotton scarves, moreover they would not have the durability of an all natural garment. As is often the case in life, you get what you pay for, spending fifty bucks will allow you to have a scarf that you cherish for many years, whereas buying a budget design would likely have the opposite effect.

    One of the main reasons for wearing an accessory is to appear different from the crowd. If you are hoping to turn heads, you should be willing to spend out on a unique piece, no-one would want to turn up at an important event only to discover other guests also wearing the same scarf. Avoid shopping at local markets, instead peruse what is available at specialist boutiques as well as online retailers. If you were to opt for a handmade scarf, there would be a better chance of it being original.

    Another important consideration is the craftsmanship. You will find that mass produced scarves have a level of workmanship that is much poorer than any designer piece. A handmade linen or cotton scarf would have been created using timeless skills and techniques, the craftsmanship involved is often why the retail price is higher. Seek out those designs that have the pattern actually woven into the fabric as opposed to being painted or printed on.

    Another important consideration is to choose a scarf that is as eco-friendly as possible. We can all help to preserve our planet for future generations by choosing products that have no detrimental impact on the natural world. You should try and choose cotton or linen that comes from fair trade programs. Also, the items should make use of natural dyes as opposed to bleaches and chemical colorants. Unfortunately, the growing of cotton has caused a lot of devastation to agricultural lands, but this does not have to be the case if few chemicals are used.

    maroon linen scarvesBy choosing any natural fiber, you will not be doing as much harm as if buying nylon or polyester as these rely on fossil fuels. As most fashion houses understand the important of environmental sustainability, you should not have too much difficulty in locating a designer who produces scarves that do not cause any form of damage to our planet.

    To summarize, cotton and linen scarves are a perfect piece of apparel for both men and women. They are versatile, affordable, as well as practical. Moreover, they are an accessory which is lightweight and can be worn at any time of the year, they can be used with casual summer clothes or winter jackets. By opting designer brand cotton scarves you can create a style and look that is highly original.

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