Fresh Scarves for Spring

  • Scarves are Not Just for Winter

  • Scarves have often been thought of as an item for winter or chilly days when the seasons are changing. Traditionally scarves have been wrapped around the neck and tucked under our warm jackets and coats. Scarves are more than just winter wear. They are worn all times of the year and during all four seasons. Scarves are worn with all outfits from casual jeans and a t-shirt to a formal cocktail dress. How you decide to wear your scarf depends on the look you are trying to create and the type of scarf you buy.

  • Scarves for All Seasons

  • Great scarves to transition you from winter to the blossoms of spring are beautiful silk scarves or soft, romantic crinkle scarves. These lightweight scarves are perfect for adding flare and sophistication to your look. They add an instant splash of colour to your outfit and can breathe new life into old clothes. You may not have gone shopping for spring and summer clothes but by adding a scarf to winter wear you can create a fresh new look that welcomes the new season.

  • How to Wear Scarves

  • Square scarves have always been a classic scarf. They are typically worn tied around the neck. The knot can be worn at the front, side or back of the neck depending on the look you are trying to achieve. These scarves look best with dress shirts and business attire.

    Longer scarves can be worn in many different ways. The most popular look can be achieved in three easy steps:

    1) Fold the scarf in half and drape it around your neck
    2) Take the two loose ends and slip them through the loop created by the fold in the scarf
    3) Pull the ends tight and adjust as you like

    Longer scarves can also be worn draped around the neck and tied in a simple knot at the chest. Or perhaps you want a more casual look, in which case simply wrap your scarf around your neck once and allow the two ends to hang free.

    Scarves are incredibly versatile and easy to wear with any outfit. This season choose a fresh colour for spring and experiment with different looks. You will be amazed how the right scarf can add sparkle to your look.

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