How to Tie a Scarf – Shawl: Extend Your Wardrobe

The scarf- shawl can be worn in a wide variety of ways depending on your use. You may be aware of the use of a shawl simply as a clothing accessory and mainly as a deterrent against the cold. Yet this accessory can be used in many other ways so long as you know how to tie shawl.  It is possible to wear a scarf as a clothing item. You could, for example, wear the shawl as a shirt. To do this, you simply tie the shawl behind your neck with the inside side facing out. You then hold the other ends of the shawl around your waist and knot them at the back.  Moreover, you could wear your shawl as a skirt. To do this, you need to fold the shawl into a triangle. You then proceed to wrap the shawl around your waist and keep it tightly secured by knotting it tightly. While you could wear a shawl this way on its own, it might be more ideal to use it as a cover up over a bathing suit.

Another way in which you could use the shawl as a clothing item is to wear it as a coat. If you are wondering how to tie shawl to make it appear like a coat, the process is really simple. You could simply let the shawl hang over your shoulders or have its ends knotted behind your back to keep the shawl in place. Alternatively, you could wear your evening shawl as a casual coat by draping it across your front.  Most people only use the scarf as a clothing accessory. Even in this area, the shawl is put to very limited use because most people are not aware of how to tie shawl in a variety of ways. A shawl can be worn as a scarf and there are many ways in which you could tie a shawl to serve this purpose.

To wear a shawl as a scarf, simply fold it into a triangle and this immediately gives you the familiar scarf shape. You then proceed to drape the shawl around your neck, tying it loosely in front. Alternatively, use your shawl to make a rectangle by folding it the long way. You then place the middle of your rectangle at the front of your neck letting the loose ends hang over your shoulders.

An alternative way to wear the shawl which you have made in the rectangle shape is to place the middle of the rectangle at the front of your neck and to wrap the ends of the shawl around your neck before knotting them.

If you wish to know how to tie shawl as a scarf, you could also wear the shawl around your neck and, if the shawl material is not too bulky, tuck the ends into the jacket you are wearing. Worn in this way, a shawl creates a collar effect.

For the truly adventurous person who wants to find new ways of how to tie shawl, the use of a shawl to create a purse should be really exciting. To create a purse using your shawl, you simply tie the four ends of the shawl together. Once the four ends are tied together, you simply turn your shawl upside down and you have a new purse.  The different ways explained above on how to tie shawl indicate that this item of clothing can be put into many uses so long as one is imaginative enough and not afraid to try something new.

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