Motorcyclists and Men Scarves

  • The Motorcycle Scarf

  • A scarf is perhaps one of the simplest pieces of attire that one would need during the colder months, but it can make a significant difference in helping to fight off cold weather. Motorcycle men scarves are very useful especially ones that are waterproof and that provide insulation, because ensuring one wears warm and insulated clothing is essential to riding a motorcycle as it can get quite chilly due to the constant force of cold winds; the main focus when planning for a ride in cold conditions is to protect the head and other vital organs. Here we shall discuss the ways in which men can wear scarves to achieve optimal warmth and style.

  • Motorcycle Scarves are Fashion

  • Other than protection from the cold and wind, a scarf can be worn by motorcyclists as a fashion statement, especially those who ride the middle and upper class Harley Davidsons or expensive Ducatis.

    Motorcycle scarves add a lot to the leather trimmed outfit. They add a touch of class and are effective at keeping the wearer warm. This makes them an absolute must for any motorcyclist on the road.

  • How to Wear your Motorcycle Scarf

  • There are not many ways to wear a scarf specifically for this purpose as you really are focusing on keeping your neck and jugular veins warm. The simplest way to wear it is to just wrap it around your neck twice and let the two loose ends hang out front. You may tuck them into your jacket to secure them.

    Next up you could do a more euro style by folding a longer scarf in half, wrapping it around your neck and then pulling the two loose ends through the fold and pulling it tight right up to your neck. Either style is great as it keeps you warm and looks great. The latter, however, is slightly more formal.

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