Shawls are the Perfect Fashion Accessory

  • Shawls are Perfect for All Ages and Occasions

  • Shawls have always been an important fashion accessory, but it wasn’t until the Pashmina came onto the fashion scene that they became popular with all ages. For years shawls were thought of as an older woman’s fashion accessory that were to be worn with dresses to formal occasions. Shawls are perfect for all occasions and all ages. They add colour and flare to your look and make the difference between merely fitting in and actually turning heads.

  • Shawls are the Perfect Wardrobe Accessory

  • Shawls are typically worn over the shoulders, upper body and arms. They are great at keeping the chill off whether you’re outdoors on a chilly summer night or inside a cool air conditioned room. And when you don’t need them they can be folded and kept in your purse. Shawls truly are the most versatile fashion accessory you will own.
    Shawls are available in so many beautiful colours and designs. They can be worn as a bold statement accessory or as a soft accent to compliment your look. Shawls can be worn with your little black dress or with jeans and a casual top. What allows shawls to adapt to these changing looks is the way in which they are worn and tied and the fabric they are made of.

  • Shawls for Everyday

  • Wrapping a shawl loosely around your neck is perfect when you’re heading out with friends for a walk in the park or headed to the coffee shop. Pahmina shawls are perfect for this type of casual wear. A popular way to wear these cozy shawls is with a simple tie around the neck. Fold your shawl in half, wrap it around your neck, then take the loose ends and insert them through the folded looped end. You have now created a stylish and trendy look perfect for your next outing.

  • Evening Shawls

  • Wearing an evening shawl is different than how you wear an everyday shawl. You wouldn’t match a casual shawl with more formal attire; it would simply look out of place. What separates evening shawls from casual shawls is the material they are made from and the embellishments they have. Evening shawls are typically made of rich fabrics like velvet and silk, they may have some embroidery on them and they may even have beaded fringe.
    Evening shawls are typically worn over the shoulders with the ends hanging free or draped around the body with one end draped over the shoulder. You may even choose to hold your shawl in place with a beautiful brooch.

    Once you find your favourite shawl, it can go with any number of items in your closet and give you a different look each time. Shawls are an affordable, fashionable, and perfect fashion accessory.

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