How to Store Evening Shawls Properly

Many evening shawls are made of luxury fabrics such as silk, cashmere, velvet or chiffon.
All these create an aura of class and sophistication for its wearers. However, their luxury comes at a price – some of the best fabrics are those that are hardest to clean or maintain. Some of these require dry cleaning, while others cannot be velvet evening shawlscleaned at all to prevent damaging their sensitive material.

You can maintain your investment by simply storing the shawl properly. Proper storage will eradicate the need to do constant cleaning and repairs, both of which can be very expensive to do. How do you store evening shawls properly? Some of the most highly coveted fabrics come in special containers meant to preserve their richness as much as possible. This is the same reason why hats have hatboxes – they are not merely meant for ornamental purposes but to prevent the hat from being flattened, deformed or being covered with dust. Evening shawls have the same containers.

Many shawls come in the plastic bags… the ones they are supposed to be in. This can be in the form of clear boxes or fibrous clothing bags. All these prevent the shawl from decomposing in time. They are especially engineered to rule out moisture and even air, much like a vacuum. These are used for the most expensive shawls.  But, you don’t need special boxes or garment bags to store your shawl, however, and you may not have these at all. You can simply start with your closet or drawer.

Shawls can be hung in hangers or folded. If you plan to use a hanger, most hangers are suitable for scarves, whether they are thin wire hangers or fancy, thick wooden ones. If you want to be extra careful, however, you can use special oak wood hangers. This is simply because thicker hangers prevent your shawls from being flattened especially when they are in a stuffed closet. They are also easier to identify among hundreds of hangers.

Some hangers come with built-in clips or plastic teeth. Never use these to suspend your shawl. An evening shawl is usually made of very thin material, which can be easily permanently damaged and deformed through clips and hanger teeth. You can also fold your shawl, taking good note to fold it carefully and not simply crumpling it into a ball. You can fold it into a square or triangle. Store the shawls in a place that is dry, away from sunlight, and has constant room temperature.

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