How to Wear a Scarf Shawl: Turn Your Plain Scarf into Fashion

The shawl is a wardrobe item that many people own for the purpose it serves during the cold season. During the winter and fall months, a shawl is almost mandatory wear for most people to help them keep warm. Regrettably, shawls are almost immediately discarded once the cold is gone to be retrieved again when the cold returns.  This does not have to be the case for the person who is fashion-conscious. For the shawl can be put to a variety of uses to add style to your dressing. Imaginative people have ever-growing uses to put their shawls to and it would add color to your dressing if you learn how to wear a scarf shawl.

As a clothing accessory, the pashmina scarf is extremely versatile and one of the uses you can put it to is to wear it as a shawl. The process of turning your scarf into a shawl is really simple and yet it could give both color and sophistication to the plainest attire.

To turn your scarf into a shawl, lay it on the ground with the decorated side facing up. If the scarf is large, fold it so that, if it is square, it forms a triangle. You then proceed to drape the scarf over your shoulders and swing it to the back. Be careful to make sure that the decorated side of the scarf is held outwards.  To hold the scarf in place, you will need a decorative pin which you could place at the center or near the breastbone. Wearing a scarf in this way allows you to use this wonderful accessory any time regardless of the season. For the hot summer months, you will have a wide variety of light scarves to choose from.

In wearing a scarf, the use of a brooch serves two purposes. The primary purpose, of course, is to hold the scarf in place. In addition, the scarf clips are used to add accent to the clothes you are wearing. It is therefore important to choose the scarf clip with care as it could make or break the outfit and scarf you are wearing.  The easy availability of silk scarves has easily solved a major problem who would want to wear scarves throughout the year and those who want to learn how to wear a scarf shawl. Silk scarves are not only light and comfortable in the hot months; they have unsurpassed elegance and great with many items of clothing.

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