How to Wear a Shawl 4 Ways

Shawls are one of the most versatile types of clothing… if not the most. You can create countless looks with just one of these. They are essential for people who like to experiment or for those who like to dress for less. How is this done?

beautiful pashmina shawlsScenario 1: A Blind Date:
Blind dates can represent one of the most nerve-wracking moments of your life. You will want to make a good first impression. What kind of date you will be in? Will it be in a classy restaurant, or a casual date at the movies? You can then decide on what to wear.   Women can play it safe by wearing a dress that works both for formal and casual situations. You can use your shawl as a drape over your shoulders to keep yourself warm. For a flirty but modest look, you can wear a sleeveless dress but use the shawl for coverage. This is great for women who want to wear sleeveless dresses but feel shy with exposure. This is a more formal way of wearing it but is acceptable for casual situations as well. You may also tie it into a knot on your chest to make it secure.

If you are a man meanwhile, you can use a simple drape. This can give you class and style. Women will like men who give effort to their appearance, even just a little.

Scenario 2: A Day at the Beach:
Shawls can be sexy when used at the beach. They give you coverage and emanate a stylish and fun look. They can also protect your skin from the sun. Women can use larger varieties as wraparounds in your pashmina shawls. This can be done by literally wrapping them several times around your body, either at the waist or on the chest. For more warmth and more color, you can use several pieces of cloth to do this.  Another way to do this is to wear the cloth itself as a top, similar to a halter top. Do this by folding it into a triangle. Invert the triangle so that its tip is pointing to your bellybutton. Tie its ends on your back securely. This is a great alternative to a bikini.

Men, meanwhile, can achieve a sexy look by tying the inverted triangle over their neck, similar to a bandana. This can work well if you are shirtless or are wearing a Hawaiian shirt.

Scenario 3: A Formal Dinner Party:

One lesser known of wearing it is to simply drape it once on your arm and let it hang as you would with holding a towel. This suits both men and women. This is a classic style reminiscent of Hollywood in the 1950s. This usually works best with white cloth. This also has a more functional role; you can wear it once there is a draft.   Women in gowns can also drape the cloth once over their necks. From here, you can tuck its long ends carefully behind each arm, creating the effect of a bolero at the front.

Scenario 4: A Business Meeting:
Business meetings call for more formal clothing to create authority and respect among your colleagues. The Poncho is one particular style that denotes feminism and maturity. Women can make their own ponchos using old shawls.

Create your own poncho by cutting a hole at the center of the cloth, large enough for your head. You can then drape this onto your shoulders asymmetrically. If you are wearing a blazer, you can also wear the shawl like a scarf, tying it into a loose knot on your neck. The same will apply for men in suits.

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