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Pashmina Scarf

Your Pashmina Scarf Source!
Give the gift of love with beautiful pashmina scarves. These scarves are soft, stylish and fashionable. Want to be flashy? ...or bold and daring? ...or just chic and elegant? No problem, we have one to match your inner desires whatever that may be. Also, don't forget your loved ones who will want one of these as much as you will!
Rainbow Shawl
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Perfect Plaid
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Colorful Animal Print Shawl
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Hibiscus Flower Shawl
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Pom Poms and Plaid
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Silky Pashmina Shawl
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Zebra Stripes
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Beautiful pashmina scarf and scarves

...are simply Mother Nature’s gift to mankind, especially those who lived in the bitter cold regions of the Himalayas like the northern borders of India and Persia.

They are now found almost anywhere and worn by virtually anyone who finds value in wearing a piece of the history of humankind with a pashmina scarf or scarves. These garments have taken on different roles in the past and, in the modern times, will continue to evolve. How much have changed since the very first villagers took fancy in covering themselves with the hide of a mountain goat. They observed the mountain goat’s ability to withstand the extremely low temperatures of high altitudes, notwithstanding the thin blanket of air which makes survival difficult. Yet these mountain goats survive such harsh environments that people began incorporating some of the animal’s essence in their daily living. Revered by the mountain villages of northern India and other communities in the Himalayas, the mountain goat symbolizes the pashmina's tendency to make certain species naturally fit even for the harshest environments.

Also, because these mountain goats are able to protect themselves from the bitter cold of the Himalayan range it is without question that their hides can provide warmth to people in the villages.

Pashmina shawls

...thus emanated from the observation of the mountain goat’s unique behavior. People began spinning the individual woolen fibers from these mountain goats and then woven, rather painstakingly, by hand to become pieces of garment which can be worn across the shoulders and provide warmth and protection against the extreme cold. The first function of pashmina... and it still is to this very day. This is where the environment has been greatly instrumental in developing our keen sense. By observing closely how other organisms in the ecosystem manage to survive and live in harmony with other natural elements, man has learned to harness these organisms and their products to his advantage. Such is the often tragic parody of man and nature. In this travesty, nature just gives and gives and man keeps getting not minding what he ought to give in return. In the shawl making industry, mountain goats have dwindled in number because of the growing demand for their hide and their wool. The delicate balance had been tipped in man’s favor for an undetermined number of times. Yet, the surroundings never faltered in giving man whatever she can give.

Thus, shawls found their popularity grow exponentially as man found new ways and new resources to produce equally valuable designs as those made from the wool of mountain goats. These material resources have all been given by Mother Nature and made accessible to the shawl artisans through the opening of the Silk Road. By this time, the shawl has been produced as a valuable fashion item, an accessory that is worn by the world’s influential people of the times. It
has given fashion its otherwise utilitarian role to further make it an important garment to have.

Yet, the production process as well as the materials involved made the shawl relatively inaccessible to the lower socioeconomic strata of society.

Pashmina scarfs and shawls

...are now important pieces of fashion accessory, interior design motifs, as well as other artistic and creative expressions. In most instances, wearing one has been synonymous to elegance and sophistication such that the rich and famous women never go in the spotlight without a piece over their shoulders. Considering the importance of the shawl in today’s modern lifestyle, it becomes all the more important to realize and appreciate the value of nature's role in providing the necessary resources upon which to develop elegant shawls in the first place. With nature, none of these wonderful and truly magnificent pieces of fashion accessory would be here today for us to wear, enjoy, and cherish.

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