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Silk Beaded Scarf

You'll Love These Beautiful Silk Beaded Scarves

Elegant and fashionable, that sums up the silk beaded scarf to a tee! Beads have been used as clothing ornaments for centuries because they add that "extra special sizzle" look to garments... especially wraps and shawls. Stand out at your next get together with one of our many Silk Beaded shawls. You'll be the hit of the party! One of our time tested favorites is the Venice. Try it you'll love it.
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Rhinestone Beauty
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Beads on Brown Velvet
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The Silk Beaded Scarf As An Essential Fashion Accessory

Silk beaded scarves have been popular throughout fashion history for their versatility, bright colors, comfortable fabric and glitz bead work. They can keep you warm, yet are breathable... meaning they are practical for both warm and cool climates. With silk garments, the lightweight silk allows for visual texture and movement. This allows you to have numerous ways to wear them in many different seasons... and for both casual and formal occasions.

1. Popular Ways to Wear the beaded styles
There are many ways to wear tie and wear your wrap. One of the more popular styles is the Ascot... which is achieved with a rectangular shape. Once drooped evenly around the neck, one end is wrapped around then over the other end. Tying it in a bow-tie to the side and slightly diagonal is another way to create a look that can pass for both casual and formal, depending on the color and pattern.

2. The Butterfly Wrap is popular in French fashion. It is achieved by hanging the scarf two-thirds on one side and crossing them. The shorter end is brought up through the cross to form a loop, then pass it through again through another loop then pull firmly. A small scarf can easily be tied and secured on the neck with accessories. It is not uncommon to secure them with a decorative pin or small brooch. You may even find pins that are made specifically to secure scarves and they come in numerous styles, shapes and materials to fit any occasion.

3. Non-Traditional Ways to Wear Beaded Scarves
There are several ways to wear a scarf besides around the neck. This can create looks that are both stylish and trendy.
It all depends on the outfit and personal taste. As an added flair to a casual jeans look, it can be worn as a belt. The best way to achieve this is by lightly twisting the scarf, then pulling it through the belt hoops. You can tie it in a knot on the side and even add a small bow for flair.

A scarf also looks great worn around the head. They can be tied around the head in a triangle shape and tied around the back of the neck or for a more vintage look, wrapped around again and tied to the front of the head. This is known as the Turban, a popular look evoking vintage 1950s. The Grace Kelly look is done similarly, with the folded triangle scarf, but the ends are wrapped around the neck and tied around the back.

These fashion statements are stylish and versatile accessories for all occasions. From the simple to the complicated, there are plenty of knots and ties that can be used for both square and rectangle scarves. A single beaded scarf can be worn for both casual daytime looks and evening events, all depending on the type of knot that is used.

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