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Silk Burnt Velvet Shawls

Soft and Cozy Silk Burnt Velvet Shawls

These velvet shawls can be described in one word...Gorgeous! You'll love each of these fashionable, beautiful
evening wraps.These shawls will look great for those extra special occasions, or just when you want to look your
very best...anytime!
Golden Isle
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Classical Burnout Velvet
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Fringed Leopard Burnt Velvet
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Dar es Salam
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Leopard Burnt Velvet
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Silk Burnt Velvet Shawls Are a Versatile Fashion Accessory

They're the wardrobe mainstay of many women and offer an easy means to transform an everyday outfit. By adding a silk burnt shawl, it's possible to turn something that feels mundane and ordinary into something special without breaking the bank. It can add life to an office suit, or the wow factor to the night out little black dress. They are perhaps the most adaptable item that any woman can possess.

They can be tied loosely around the neck, or wrapped luxuriantly to make them the ensemble's focus. By using a variety of different knots they can be used to create interest . Smaller shawls can be secured in place with a scarf pin or brooch.

The different ways of tying these accessories are what make the item such a diverse and fun item of clothing. The business woman might tie it in a simple knot around her neck, and keep it in place until she reaches the office. Wearing the same scarf in a different way can transform a working woman into an evening siren.

One of the most popular ways to tie a long scarf is in the so-called European loop. Firstly the scarf should be folded in half, the two loose ends held in the right hand, the folded part in the left hand. Place it over the head and ensure that the scarf's middle is centred at the neck's rear. The loose ends should be drawn through the loop that the fold made. The scarf can then be secured as tightly or a loosely as is required.

A chic and elegant way to wear one is the simple toss. The center should be placed at the back of the neck so the end loosely drapes in front. One end should be taken and then tossed over the shoulder. This is a popular look and is easy to achieve. It's frequently spotted and with good reason. The so called free fall look can be stunning with a cocktail dress on an evening out. It should first be folded to the desired thickness. The middle should then be placed at the neck's front, and the two ends allowed to drape down the back. This is an elegant statement look best suited for a luxury item.

Many of these women's necessities are sold with evening wear in mind, as well as treating them as neck wear, they can also be worn on the head, as a belt or as a sarong. But, remember... these shouldn't be an after thought, they're a staple of a flexible fun wardrobe.
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