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Pilot Silk Scarf - Motorcycle Scarves

Pilot Silk Scarf and Motorcycle Scarves!
100% Pure Silk Men's & Women's QUALITY Aviator Scarfs and Motorcycle Scarves. You deserve ONLY the best with an aviator scarf - motorcycle neck scarf like these below. Get one or two for yourself. They're practical, soft and give that little extra pizzazz to your look. They also make "Great" birthday, Christmas and groomsmen gifts and presents. Hundreds and hundreds sold. All are double layered 100% silk scarves! We guarantee these to be the finest quality and give you real silk softness that will not chafe your neck and skin.
"Meryl, I have received the WS4037B-White Classic Aviator - Motorcycle Scarf. It appears to be everything I expected. The quality and workmanship are outstanding. Knowing how well silk wears, I can tell you that it will ride with me for many, many years. For my application it is the absolute best scarf available." Many thanks, Jerry
Classic Aviator Scarf
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The Aviator
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Silk aviator and Motorcycle scarf & scarves

...are here to stay. At over five feet long, they make the perfect
gift for birthdays, Christmas, Father's day, anniversary...and don't forget the groomsmen!

Effective Tips For Wearing Motorcycle Scarves & Solid White Silk Scarf On The Road!

There are numerous ways to stay safe and make sure all parts of the body are protected with an aviator scarf or motorcycle scarf when riding around town on your chopper. One of the very best tools to have anytime of the day are 100% silk scarves. There are a few simple steps that need to be taken in order to wear this piece of protection gear the right way so take a look right now.

This is the type of protection that is really going to come in handy when on the dusty roads or even on those freezing cold nights. It is very true that cyclists face exposure to any and all elements outdoors, which is why these scarves are so handy. They come in a variety of styles and sizes so make sure to buy a few and carry them around on the bike at all times.

Putting the motorcycle - aviator scarf on sure that it covers the mouth and as much of the face as possible. This is going to help to keep all of the dirt, water or even bugs out of the mouth. Most riders will wear sunglasses or goggles to keep their eyes protected, so protect everything else on the face with the scarf. Once the aviator scarf has been placed over the mouth, it will need to be secured in some way. The best way to take care of this is simply by tucking the excess fabric into the motorcycle jacket. Once the jacket has been zipped up, there should be no further problems.

Those who are choosing not to wear a jacket will need to have everything tucked into the helmet. The helmet is actually going to be the last piece that holds everything together. Make sure everything is tight and secure and have a great ride.

These motorcycle scarves are very important to riders who want to make sure that they are safe at all times. Those who are looking to invest can easily find a few that match their own personal style. Have some fun and start looking for the right scarves to ride with.
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