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Alpaca Shawls, Scarves & Capes

Super Soft Scarf: Alpaca Shawls, Scarves & Clothing!

You WILL love the soft feel with all of these 100% Alpaca clothing garments!
Most are made of the baby yarn which is the softest available.

ALL of our 100% items are made under Boliva - Peru's Fair Trade program which guarantee's ecologically just prices and working conditions for all the workers employed in making these beautiful garments.

You will not be disappointed with any of these gorgeous items. They make fantastic gifts!
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Alpaca Petal Scarf
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Light Alpaca Scarf
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Alpaca Muffler
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Anki Flora Shawl
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Soft Alpaca Shawls: Accessory To Die For!
Having a piece of clothing is to die for especially in the mountains of Andes in South America. This clothing is derived from the animal's fibers, one of the natural fibers acquired from them. These are a distant relative of camels that is closely related to llamas, another animal popular in Andes Mountains.

An alpaca fiber is hailed to be the Andes’ gold. It is regarded to be a superior natural fiber because of its superb softness and strength. Those two qualities make the fiber be of high-quality. Alpaca fibers provide several more times warmth than a wool can give and an equal comfort and softness a cashmere can give. The clothing made from alpaca fiber is also considered to last long because of the fiber’s strength and durability.

Alpaca clothing mainly consists of sweaters, socks, gloves, mittens, scarves and shawls. The fibers also produces blankets and pillow cases but clothing dominates the market.

Lets cover a piece of clothing that's soft..

A shawl is usually worn by ladies with their evening or formal attire. It is not unusual to feel cold when donning a gown or dress in the evening. Most evening wear bares a woman’s shoulders, arms and back which are all susceptible to cold. To make matters worse, jackets are deemed inappropriate in formal occasions.

A good way to protect those upper body parts from freezing is draping a shawl over them. A shawl, even lightweight, can provide the warmth the body needed during the night. Its fiber structure has the thermal abilities that can trap or generate heat.

The people from South America who make a living through alpacas has realized the women’s need for shawls that they decided to add soft alpaca shawls in their list. This type of shawls similar to alpaca clothing are made of high-quality and extremely fine alpaca fibers. This makes the shawls overly smooth and soft that is very pleasing to wear.

Sticking to the shawls’ purpose, soft alpaca shawls

...provide the much needed warmth to the wearers without the bulk. Actually it warms the wearer better than any other kinds of shawls because of the alpaca fibers’ thermal capacities.

The shawl also adds glamour and sophistication to an evening wear. It is available in several colors and designs plus the fine texture of the alpaca fiber makes the shawl stand out in the night. There is also fun in wearing shawls. It can add youth and energy in formal wear if worn right.

Below are some common ways to wear alpaca shawls.

Carried Drape
Collar Shoulder Wrap
European Knot
Front Accent Drape
Front Knot
Full Covered Shoulders
Full Wrap
Neck Wrap Scarf
Neck Wrap Shawl
Off the Shoulder
One Shoulder Wrap
Simple Scarf

Choosing which way to wear the shawl depends on the wearer’s preference and on what they think appropriate for the occasion. The important thing is to have fun dressing up while keeping warm in the evening and winter season.

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