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Animal Print Scarf

Daring Animal Scarf & Leopard Print Scarves Are you bold and daring? Are you ready to show the animal in you? These exotic looking animal scarves will bring out the tiger and give you a "daring" look no other fashion accessory can give. They're fun, exciting and unique. Get several of these exotic, leopard scarf animal print scarfs. Go for the wild side. You've earned it!
Chiffon Animal Print
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Loopy Animal Print
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Animal Splendor
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Cobra Girl
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Sequin Leopard Scarf
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Animal Fun Chiffon
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Dar es Salam
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Zebra Stripes
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Jungle Fever
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Leo the Leopard
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Leopard Burnt Velvet
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Chiffon Animal Loop
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Fringed Leopard Burnt Velvet
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Reptile Lady
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How to wear the animal scarf and leopard scarves

Here are few creative ways to use animal prints to spice up an evening event... wherever it may be.
The leopard print scarf can be worn for casual nights such as when you go to bars, movies or restaurants with friends. Women can use them by draping the shawl once over the shoulders, tucking it behind each arm and tying them at the back. This looks goes great with dark denim jeans and tank tops. Men can use them as they would use scarves by scrunching them up and tying them in loose knots over the neck.

For Meeting the Parents: You may be meeting your boyfriend or girlfriend’s parents for the very first time. Meeting the parents can be a very crucial event – you can either make or break yourself when it comes to first impressions. What better way to liven up the night than with an animal print?

If you are a woman, we recommend wearing shawls to add coverage to exposed skin for a more conservative appearance. You can do this by draping it once over your shoulders especially if they are exposed. This gives you
the chance to wear pretty sleeveless or off-shoulder tops without coming off as too showy with your garment.

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