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Animal Shawl Pins

Unique Animal Shawl Brooches

You will love these brooches / shawl pins. Not only are they practical for holding your scarf or shawl in place... they also look great! Although all will add greatly to your "fashion look", we've found the spider brooches are especially attention getting and make excellent conversation pieces. Purchase one or two to go with and add to your favorite scarf or shawl.
    "I wanted to tell you that the scarf pins arrived today and they are even more beautiful than in the photos.
    I love them! Thank you so much!" Vivian, California
    "I appreciate how quickly my order arrived, and I absolutely love the shawl and spider pin that I bought!
    They are beautiful, and I will surely feel like a million bucks when I wear them. Best regards,"
    Karen Blackburn, Livonia, Michigan
Puppy Pin
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Kitty Kat Pin
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Owl Brooch
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Large Frog Brooch
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Rooster Brooch
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Big Turtle
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Bird of Paradise Pin
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Spider A
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Cat Pin B
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Salamander B
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Small Spider
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Mini Salamander
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Roaring Fashion: Fun and Funky Animal Shawl Brooches

The thought of a shawl may seem dated for most people. After all, when trends dictate to reveal skin, why would anyone bother covering up? Even if this were not the case, shawls are often ignored to favor the more youthful designs of coats or sweaters.

There is one way to update the style of your shawls... and that is through the use of an animal
shawl brooch.

They come in vibrant and colorful shapes such as cats and dogs. Even insects such as spiders are more charming rather than creepy. These animal shawl brooches do not just keep the shawl in place, but they
are absolute attention-getters. Heads will definitely turn when they see the whimsy on your outfit.

Animal brooches steal the show because they have the proper balance of chic and kitsch. The unconventional designs keep the look from being too serious while the fine craftsmanship provides the elegance. Another special characteristic of animals is that they are associated with certain traits. For example, dogs are lovable while leopards are regal. Aside from the fashion aspect of it, there are some other reasons why these pieces should find their way in every closet.

One of the most practical and reasons for choosing an animal brooch is that they are effective in getting a conversation going. For parties and events that require you to mingle with other people, it is best to come prepared. Many people might display curiosity and ask you about the story behind your choice of design. On your part, you may benefit from a boost in confidence that results in sporting a fabulous outfit.

Recent trends in event attires have become more confusing. Gone are the days when the parties were segregated into casual and formal. Nowadays, people are incorporating more creative elements into their gatherings with the hosts expecting their guests to show their support. If you are attending a themed event, these brooches can allow you to comply with the indicated dress code without being too over the top. Fish brooches look great for luaus while spiders cannot be beat at a Halloween ball.

Another reason why animal shawl brooches work is because they can indicate support for the environment. This generation is characterized by being green and concern for nature has hit an all time high. If this is a cause that you support, then shouldn’t your fashion reflect your beliefs? These animal brooches are the perfect alternative for those who want to give up animal skins without letting go of the wild side. Choose to wear the embellished version for a fun and cruelty-free look.

Brooches are also a great way to get children to appreciate the jewelry. These designs are more relatable for kids because they can remind them of their favorite pets or animal. It is a gift that children can enjoy from their youth until their adulthood. These make the perfect gift for baptisms and birthdays for special individuals.

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