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Scarves & Shawls Articles

Fashion articles to help you get the most from your scarf and shawl!

    How to Wear a Shawl - You have your shawl, now how do you wear it? Actually, there are many
    easy, great looking ways to look fashionable. In this article we discuss about a half dozen ways to
    look fresh and alive.

    Shawls... the Understated Yet Glamorous Look - Shawls, specifically pashminas have been
    around for hundreds of years. Why? Because they're practical, soft and warm. With the many styles
    and colors available, these practical accessories are worth taking a look at.

    Evening Shawls... a Night to Remember - Would you like to look fantastic? A knockout? Stunning?
    If so, its difficult to beat the beautiful evening shawl as a better fashion accessory. Whether this garment
    is made of velvet, silk or pashmina... you'll be very, very glad to own one or several.

    Ways to Tie a Shawl... Exploring the Possiblities - There are many ways to wear a shawl. Here we
    cover several ways to to have you looking and feeling better while wearing your shawl. These techniques
    will work with pashmina, velvet, silk and any other type of cape/shawl.

    What is Pashmina? - Pashmina is a gorgeous and warm material. It is said, a shawl made of 100%
    pashmina is so soft, you're able to pull it thru a wedding ring. This material has been around for thousands
    of years and used to be worn by royalty only.

    Fashionable Movies with Scarves and Shawls - Scarves and shawls are but one of the many fashion accessories you can wear to look "fashionable". Get some great ideas from these great fashion movies.
    You'll see that besides scarves and shawls, the Hollywood stars wear different fashion accessories.

    How to dress for that first date - First dates are not the time to decide and try out that latest trendy
    fashion. You want your clothing to say something about you, but you donít want to let it talk too loudly.
    Stick to colors and...

    Wearing Women's Scarves Like a Celebrity - As anyone who is interested in looking good would know, accessories can come and go. Very few trends can outlast the fickle tastes of people. That is why an
    accessory which has crossed the threshold well enough to be considered a classic is a good investment.

    The White Silk Aviator Scarf - True enough, a thorough research reveals that the aviator scarf was used
    largely for three main reasons: shielding from the cold, wiping off oil, and protection from chaffing.

    Hand painted silk scarves... Some Handy Tips! - Hand painted scarfs lend a special touch to your looks
    and give you an edge over items in the fashion world. It is not only a favorite accessory of women, but also
    enjoys a special preference among the designers....
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