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Beaded Purses

The beautiful beaded purse!Are you looking to project style? pizazz? If so, try one of our beaded purses to make everyday a pleasure! With our many styles, colors and shapes to choose from you're sure to find that "special" beaded purse you'll use always.
Black Beaded Clutch
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The Future of the Beaded Purse

The use of beaded purses to jazz up an outfit is not a new trend. In fact, it is one of the most popular accessories since the Middle Ages.

Although it floats in and out of people’s fashion consciousness, it still connotes luxury and elegance. They can easily make any outfit pop because of its sparkle. Whether they are handcrafted or commercially produced, people cannot help but admire the workmanship that it takes to come up with the many designs of these beaded purses.

In fact, beaded purses have risen to the status of collector’s items in recent years. More often than not, some of the older samples are pegged at high values. In the 1800s, the patterns of the purses were family secrets that were passed down from generation to generation. The old trend was to use very small beads that give it an appearance of embroidery. Up to 1000 beads per inch were used.

Recent trends in beaded purses are less rigid. Some of the patterns that can be seen are butterflies and even animal prints. The colors that are used in today’s purses are also more vibrant. Also, it is not just the bag itself that is noticed. Even the frame is given attention to in order to up the fashion ante. The frames have become more ornamental with materials such as silver or even gold.

With the birth of commercialism, it is also easier to get your hands on a beaded purse. They are easily available in various retail stores and even in online shops. In olden times, these accessories fetched high prices because it took so much time to make. With machineries and technologies, it is easier for manufacturers to cut down the cost and time of production.

However, it is this speed that should also make buyers wary of the beaded purses they purchase. Some of the things to watch out for when purchasing a beaded purse is to look through the design. More intricate designs have a greater chance of missing beads. Go through the painstaking process of going through the material to make sure that the finished product is polished.

In the future, many fashion experts believe that there are exciting possibilities when it comes to the beaded purse. Some of the things to watch out for are the materials used in the beads used. In fact, many are not experimenting with wood, high-grade plastic, and even metal. The challenge is to come up with beadings that reflect the beauty traditionally associated with this while still maintaining the costs down.

Well-known clothing labels such as Prada and Badgley Mischka regularly incorporate the beaded purses in other collections. The response to these offerings remains positive with everyone from movie stars to regular people choosing to buy them. This phenomenon secures the position of the beaded purse in the future of fashion history and seals it as one of the most popular accessories through the ages.

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