Beautiful Scarves and Shawls To Love!

  • Gorgeous Scarves and Shawls for All Occasions!

  • Scarves and shawls are one of the most versatile fashion accessories to add beauty, elegance and charm to your personality! Silk scarves are very versatile because they are useful in many ways. They can protect you from cold and provide warmth when its cold out; they can protect your face and hair from direct sunlight while you are outdoors, or even act as a wristband while you engage in a game like tennis.

    Actress Maiara Walsh Wearing
    a Fashion Scarves and Shawls Scarf

    Scarves and shawls also serve to mask your unruly hair on a bad hair day or to spice up your simple and plain outfit when you have to attend a party right after office.

    To add to their usefulness, scarfs are also versatile in the sense that the kind of scarf you wear on a particular occasion speaks volumes about your personality and your mood — dark and heavy shades to the workplace indicates your seriousness and no-nonsense attitude, while light colored scarves and shawls with a flowery pattern indicates that you are relaxed and in a bubbly mood. Which means you’ll feel better AND look great!

    For those who love scarves and shawls

    …but are bored by the monotony of wearing them as headscarves, here are some fantastic suggestions on the several different ways of wearing these scarves and shawls.

    Wear your scarf with imagination and go wild!
    Soft silky scarves can double up as a hair band by keeping your hair back in place especially if you have long hair. You can allow both the ends of the scarf to hang freely down your shoulders or your back. Alternatively, you can tie a long oblong scarf loosely around your neck (somewhat like a tie but slightly loose) by making a simple knot and allowing both the ends of the scarf to hang down freely. You can wear your scarf in this style even when you are in the office. It gives a very posh, professional appearance.

  • Another simple way of wearing silk scarves and shawls is just by wrapping them around your neck and keeping it in place at the front using a brooch and shawl pin. If you do not have a brooch, you can use a ring or a scarf pin instead. This style looks especially good if you are using a silk scarf.
  • In case you are using long oblong scarves and shawls…

  • …then you can wear it in Grace Kelly style by wrapping the scarf around your neck once and allowing both the ends to hang down freely in front of your body with one end of the scarf hanging down from the right side of your neck, while the other end of the scarf hanging down from the left side of your neck.   If you are using a silk scarves, you can try tying them to the strap of your purse or handbag for a modern, fashionable look.

    You can also try using your scarf as a belt around your waist or tie it tightly around your hips like a sash and leave a lot of it flowing freely. This looks great with a long shirt.  Let’s not forget, you can even tie it as a neckerchief around your throat.   Also, you can try tying the scarves and shawls as an ascot (like most men using scarves do).

    Here is a different way to use your scarves and shawls:
    Tie one to your suitcase when checking your baggage at the airport. No longer will you be trying to figure out which bag is yours. You’ll know right away!