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Aviator Scarf – Motorcycle Scarf Video

Discover the versatile white silk aviator – motorcycle scarf. These 100% pure white silk scarves are soft and great looking. They go with almost any attire… and of course… are almost a must when riding your motorcycle. For a little classier look… choose the styles with the fringe. A little more dressy and sophisticated. Either [...]

How a Head Scarf Can Save Your Hair!

A Head Scarf can help prevent hair loss A head scarf is not only useful when you want to look glamorous and fashionable… but they can also be great protection for your hair. They are considered the best way to protect your hair in the evening. In fact, not many women know that the hair [...]

Chiffon Scarf: A Fashion Must-Have

The gorgeous chiffon scarf! The scarf is one type of clothing that is not only versatile, but also trendy and useful. An outfit that needs an instant dash of color can rely on this accessory to do the trick. For some people, scarves are regarded as old fashioned and are too uptight to be worn [...]

How to Tie a Scarf – Shawl: Extend Your Wardrobe

The scarf- shawl can be worn in a wide variety of ways depending on your use. You may be aware of the use of a shawl simply as a clothing accessory and mainly as a deterrent against the cold. Yet this accessory can be used in many other ways so long as you know how [...]

How To Tie a Scarf

1. One trendy way is known as the keyhole style. To do this, just fold the scarf lengthwise in half and then wrap it around your neck. Create a loop on one side and keep the ends of ton the other end. Now, insert both ends through the loop and let the ends hang down [...]