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How to Store Evening Shawls Properly

Many evening shawls are made of luxury fabrics such as silk, cashmere, velvet or chiffon. All these create an aura of class and sophistication for its wearers. However, their luxury comes at a price – some of the best fabrics are those that are hardest to clean or maintain. Some of these require dry cleaning, [...]

Buying Quality Silk Chiffon Scarves

Silk Chiffon scarves are elegant additions to all wardrobes, and can last a lifetime if you make sure that high quality ones are purchased. But how does someone ensure that they are buying quality? With so many people doing the majority of their shopping on line these days, it can be hard to tell if [...]

Scarf Hat: What a Great Gift Idea!

A scarf hat is sure to be a great gift for both young and old. People of all ages can benefit from a fashionable head covering that can also protect them from the sun’s rays. Most fabrics can also be worn in cooler climates to protect their heads and ears from cold wind and freezing [...]

Chiffon Scarves: Caring for Your Chiffon Scarf

A real chiffon scarf is usually made of natural silk fibers and requires special care to extend the life and like new appearance of it. Even though silk is a very strong and natural fiber, the fine weaving in this type of fabric makes it very delicate and can be damaged easily. New synthetic materials [...]

The Aviator Scarf and How To Use It Properly

The aviator scarf has been a well known fashion item for the past century. Made popular by motion picture films that featured war heroes blazing the skies in open cockpit planes with long white scarves trailing behind them, the accessory is still as popular today as it has been in the past. However, many people [...]