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Love Scarves But Unsure How to Wear Them?

I was wearing one of my favorite scarves …yesterday while running a few errands. While shopping, I was approached by a woman who told me she loved my scarf. She too loves scarves but is so unsure about how to wear them. I shared a few ideas with her and started thinking that her concerns [...]

Use Shawl Wraps To Change Your Style And Look

Shawl wraps …are fast becoming indispensable fashion accessories because of their versatility.  They originated in Persia where even men used to wear them… mostly as protection from the cold.  Some of the shawl wraps are made of the finest silk, which originally came from China where they became famous during the early 19th century. By [...]

Silk Scarves and How To Tie for That Special Look!

A great way to wear silk scarves …is as a head scarf.  The options are endless when tying it into a hairstyle… such as ponytails, or letting the ends fall freely down your back.  You can also wrap your head with it, creating a turban like affect which also looks fantastic.  Many women also use [...]

What Men Really Think about Women’s Fashion

Scarves and fashion …most women spend a ton of time looking through fashion magazines,  television shows, and surfing for info and accessories on the internet.  While looking and feeling good about yourself is an important part… most women really dress to get the attention of men… or so they think.  I interviewed a few single [...]

Evening Shawls… Fashionable Ways To Wear Them!

How to wear evening shawls …formal events often come with a dress code that everyone is expected to follow. Individuals who have received an invitation will need to ensure they know what they are going to wear. On top of choosing the right kind of dress or gown, women will need to make sure that [...]