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The Pear Necklace: What You Should Know

The Pearl Necklace …has been in use for a very long time.  In fact they are known to be the most ancient forms of jewelry as documented in history. Since they are naturally found in their original state without the need for any modifications, the pearl necklace has been very beautiful and the human beings [...]

How To Select Designer Scarves From Your Own Wardrobe

Your Own Designer Scarves For those that want to make a fashion statement from with their own wardrobes,  accent them with your own designer scarves.  These styles might be easier than you think to match what you will be wearing.  When selecting which type of scarves should be worn with which outfit,  look at the [...]

Scarves Add Sophistaction and Flare to Men’s Fashion

Men’s Scarves are Both Functional And Fashionable Usually when you think of scarves, most people immediately consider the women’s varieties. However, in recent years men’s scarves have become highly fashionable. There are many different types of men’s scarves which can be both functional and highly fashionable. The most popular men’s scarves are the motorcycle or aviator varieties. [...]

Fun and Fashionable Ways to Wear Silk Scarves

Silk scarves are among the most versatile fashion accessories found in the average wardrobe. These handy items will help keep the wearer warm in the winter and the properties of silk also make it capable of keeping the skin cool in warm weather. There are many ways to tie a silk scarf and while some [...]

The Head Scarf: A Perfect Solution To a Bad Hair Day

A head scarf …is not just dressy and classic,  but also sporty and casual when you want it to be.  It is the perfect solution to a “bad hair” day.  A chic head scarf worn in the hair is bound to turn heads whether you wrap it around a ponytail, wear it as a bandana [...]