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Scarves for Men – How to Add them to their Wardrobe

Men’s Fashion has Evolved Fashion for men has come leaps and bounds in the last 20 years. Traditionally men’s fashion consisted of jeans, t-shirts and shirts for informal and casual occasions and suits and tuxedos for formal events. Nowadays a well made pair of jeans paired with the right shirt and jacket can be worn [...]

Stretch Your Fashion Budget with Scarves

Take a Look at What’s in your Closet Are you tired of standing in front of your closet thinking “I have nothing to wear?” Unfortunately many women spend a lot of time each morning worried about what they are going to wear. We all have those clothes in our closet that have been hiding or [...]

Shawls are the Perfect Fashion Accessory

Shawls are Perfect for All Ages and Occasions Shawls have always been an important fashion accessory, but it wasn’t until the Pashmina came onto the fashion scene that they became popular with all ages. For years shawls were thought of as an older woman’s fashion accessory that were to be worn with dresses to formal [...]

Tips on How to Wear Scarves

It can be difficult to know how to wear a scarf considering there are so many different types. There are silk scarves, long wool scarves, pashminas, square scarves and wraps just to name a few. How does anyone sort out all the different styles and stay on top of what’s hot this year? Luckily wearing [...]

Tips on Wearing Neck Scarves

Neck Scarves and Fashion Neck scarves have been around since the Ancient Roman times. Traditionally they were worn by men to keep their neck and face clean. It was not long before Roman women began to wear them as a fashion accessory. Today neck scarves are one of the most loved fashion accessories. Neck scarves [...]