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Creating Special Olympic Scarves Lets You Support Athletes and More

   This project itself started out as an idea of asking for five thousand… …scarves that could be used for the Games in 2009 and even then, it received so much attention that the goal was exceeded twelve times over and more than sixty thousand scarves were made and sent in. Scarves came from all [...]

Special Olympic Scarves Serve A Very Important Purpose

You may have heard about an amazing project that was first initiated in 2009 during the Special Olympics that took place in Boise, Idaho. For three years now, the Special Olympic scarves project has been making a difference in the lives of many, many people who participate in this major world event. Each year there [...]

All You Need To Know Before Buying A Cashmere Scarf Set

  Many people look at their winter wardrobe, remember how cold they felt last winter… … and think they need to buy something new.  They inevitably buy other things they will look back on the next year and remember how cold they were. So why not, invest in a product that isn’t just luxurious and [...]

How To Tie Scarves In A Reactive And Chic Way

   Scarves are fantastic accessories. They are incredibly versatile as well as being useful. Sure, they are accessories, but they can also keep you dry in the rain and they can keep your warm in the winter or wind. Scarves come in a range of different materials. There are cotton scarves, polyester scarves, silk scarves, [...]

Alpaca Shawls Are Fashion Accessories Worth Considering

For many people, getting the most from fashion means having the right accessories… …and this is very much something that fashion experts advice. When one chooses the best way to accent their look, they end up getting more out of it. The nice thing about alpaca shawls and wraps is that not only do they [...]