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Scarves Add Sophistaction and Flare to Men’s Fashion

Men’s Scarves are Both Functional And Fashionable Usually when you think of scarves, most people immediately consider the women’s varieties. However, in recent years men’s scarves have become highly fashionable. There are many different types of men’s scarves which can be both functional and highly fashionable. The most popular men’s scarves are the motorcycle or aviator varieties. [...]

The Aviator Scarf And How Men Wear Them!

The aviator scarf is one item of clothing that dates very far back into history. They were made of wool and silk and were worn by pilots years ago, bit since then they have become part of fashion as well. Since their discovery in the fashion world, many men found them to be quite dashing [...]

The Aviator Scarf and How To Use It Properly

The aviator scarf has been a well known fashion item for the past century. Made popular by motion picture films that featured war heroes blazing the skies in open cockpit planes with long white scarves trailing behind them, the accessory is still as popular today as it has been in the past. However, many people [...]

The Aviator Scarf and It’s History

The aviator scarf has become synonymous with the image of an early 1900’s or World War I pilot. Still worn today by many who fly vintage planes or trick planes, it can often be seen trailing from the neck of a pilot as he goes zooming by. An essential part of the early pilot’s uniform, [...]

The Aviator Scarf: Not Just for Pilots!

The classic aviator scarf …although made popular by early pilots, remains a very trendy fashion accessory for both men and women today. Traditionally made of a fine white silk and boasting between five to six feet in length, the scarves were primarily worn by pilots of open cockpit airplanes from the beginning of flight, right [...]