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Butterfly Brooches

Butterfly Shawl Pins

Who doesn't like butterflies! These will go with almost any scarf, shawl and piece of clothing you could think of.
Choose from these beautiful butterfly brooches to wear and use with your scarves and shawls.
My Little Butterfly
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Butterfly Brooch M
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Butterfly Shawl Pin A
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Dragonfly Pin B
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Butterfly Pin H
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Dragonfly Pin C
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Spotting a Unique Butterfly Brooch

The butterfly is one of the most common designs in brooches and its easy to understand why... butterflies are colorful and bring feelings of happiness and youthful fun! Our pieces are all beautiful pieces at reasonable prices you will love.

It is then not a stretch to see these universally loved creature jump into accessories. However, just because the butterfly design is easy to get does not mean that they are all created equal. There are some features that will help your pin stand out from others and be the one you take home.

Once you wear a butterfly brooch, expect it to be the highlight of your outfit. Although these items can be small, they pack a punch because of their color and sparkle. Brooches are considered versatile because they can easily be taken off.

To have a really standout butterfly brooch, make sure you get the basics down pat. All brooches are composed of two pieces. The first is a long, pointed piece which is used to pierce the cloth and the second is a buckle, which clasps the brooch in place. The buckle is the part that is adorned with embellishments or intricately shaped.

Standout brooches are one that are personal and say something about the person wearing it. Since butterfly brooches come in different sizes and shapes, look through the various designs to see which one fits you the best. If you want to project an image of sophistication, then stick to more intricate designs. On the other hand, low-key individuals can opt for simple brooches that have minimal colors.

A unique butterfly brooch deserves a place of honor in an outfit. Sometimes, it is not the design that makes something eye-catching. It is also about how it is worn. Even the smallest pins can create an impact when placed in a strategic position. Try attaching a small butterfly where the points of a shawl intersect. Also, designs that are too colorful or elaborate can steal the attention of other important aspects of your outfit. If you are already wearing something that has busy prints or bold graphics, then stick to smaller pieces. On the other hand, plains can stand more colors.

When it comes to butterfly brooches, soar high with good-quality pieces that can be used in a variety of outfits without looking dated.

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