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Cotton and Linen Scarves

Fun Cotton and Linen Scarves
Have fun at a great price with a cotton scarf! Smart and practical cotton and linen scarves. Look great at a fashion price you can afford! You will definitely get noticed wearing one of these "fun" scarfs!
Happy Days
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New Silk Crinkle
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Jungle Rose
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Gray Flowers
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Flight of the Monarch
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Lucky Lucy
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Butterflies and Flowers
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Fun Neck Scarves
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Spring Confetti Scarf
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Sweetheart Pendant Scarf
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Super Striped
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My Plaid Scarf
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Glam It Up
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Summer Colors
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Booming Craze for Cotton-Linen Scarves

Nowadays, cotton scarves have become a very popular choice among fashion-savvy individuals and even among the less style-conscious folks. For one, they are very useful... especially during cold weather... but are great to wear anytime. Remember, cotton makes a great warm weather item also.

These cotton and linen scarves

do their job well and can easily keep you very warm and cool... depending on the time of year and situation. Not only that, but they are also a lot cheaper compared to other garments. Compared to jackets, warmers, leggings and others, scarves are a lot less expensive but provide just as much function for your money. Not only that, but there are many different designs, styles and kinds of scarves have popped up in recent years; which means there is a style for everyone’s taste and preference. Because of the multitude of designs available to the consumer, people have been able to wear scarves on all occasions.

People have gotten creative in using this fashion accessory by pairing it up with all sorts of outfits to make the look work. Although cotton scarves are very popular for its comfort and price, there are many other kinds to choose from. Before jumping into things, taking a look at the origin of scarves may enlighten you into how this garment came to be.

The first use of cotton and linen scarves

...probably dates back to the Roman era wherein people saw the use of bringing around a piece of cloth to wipe their hands or face. Their means of carrying around this cloth was by wrapping it around their body parts such as their necks or limbs.

Eventually, as centuries passed, more and more civilizations caught up with the trend and had different uses for scarves. There were times in Europe where it became a fashion statement for the wealthy while in the Middle East it became a military garment to distinguish higher ranks from the lower ones. Either way, it has grown into the trend that it is today.

Over recent years, fashion designers and clothing companies have caught on with the trend of scarves. As mentioned, new styles have constantly come up with cotton scarves being the most widely accepted. The most practical use of course, is to keep your self warm so people use these accessories by wrapping it around their necks. The only downside to the cotton material is that it is not as effective as wool which means that for extremely cold weather, it will not be enough to insulate your body. Another reason for wearing scarves is simply to make your self look more fashionable and stylish. Scarves can easily take your casual looking get up of a shirt and pants to the next level. It is an easy way to put some class into you outfit without having to go with extravagant accessories and other expensive clothing garments.

There are many ways to use a scarf and the best way is to get creative yourself. If you are feeling lazy then you can always browse through magazines or the internet to pick up a few ideas. You can also tie it around your waist or let it hang from your belt. This way, even in warm weather you will be able to put your cotton scarves into good use. Those who are more daring with their fashion sense have also tried other ways of using these. Some wrap it around their arms or legs to show some contrast between their different clothing pieces.

Others wrap the around their hats or just play around with the garment. No matter how you use it, cotton scarves are a very practical fashion accessory that you should not miss out on. Some have said that it has gone beyond that status of a trend and moved into the level of staple clothing. In that case, it really is a must have for everyone.

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