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Crocheted Shawls-Scarves

Elegant Hand Crocheted and Beaded Shawls

Hand made with unbelievable quality. You won't find a better quality crocheted shawl - scarf at this price anywhere!
Our crocheted blends the classic and contemporary. Like all true classics, these shawls transcend the boundaries
of time and style.
Lovely Crocheted Cape
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Simply Green
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The Endless Loop Scarf
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Crocheted Delight
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Crocheted Beaded Shawl Style A
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Fashion without Fashion: Other Uses for the Crocheted Shawl

Crocheted shawls are some of the most romantic accessories available.

They are soft and cozy so they are perfect for winter days or even in airconditioned rooms. While crocheted shawls are traditionally associated with casual scenarios, the new trends of embellishment and use of metallic threads make some of them appropriate for more formal functions.

There are so many different ways of making use of a crocheted shawl. Surprisingly, not all of them relate to fashion. While this is still the top purpose of shawls, these versatile garments are making their way to other places of the house aside from the closet. There is no doubt that shawls look great when paired with clothing, but did you realize that they can also look great with furniture? If you have shawl that is not being used, do not throw them away. They can be used to jazz up furniture and certain features of the household.

One of the easiest ways to use crocheted shawls with furniture is to artfully arrange them over a chair or sofa as a throw. That way, they are easily accessed when you want to snuggle up against something warm and soft as you are lounging around. Aside from being a decorative element, these crocheted shawls also perform another practical task. Crocheted shawls are usually easy to clean up because of the fibers that are used. Thus, having them around an upholstered piece of furniture is a beautiful way of keeping the dust off. If the shawl gets dirtied, then simply throw it in the wash. It is definitely the more economical and convenient way compared to having the entire furniture cleaned up.

If your shawl is not big enough to provide ample coverage, this does not mean that you have to sit helplessly by. How about stitching together various crocheted shawls to create a garment inspired by the patchwork quilts. A little innovation is all it takes to make the crocheted shawls work in unexpected ways.

Aside from the seating, crocheted shawls can also be used to brighten up a lamp. Throw it over the shade to create a pattern effect of shadows on the walls and ceiling. Instead of suffering through the bright lights, it creates mood lighting for the perfect ambiance. Patterns that incorporate lots of holes in the fabric work best for this kind of technique so the shawl does not block out all of the light. Also, be careful not to let the fabric touch the hot bulbs of the lamps. This may prove to be fire hazard.

There are so many different ways of using crocheted shawls other than using it to keep warm or layer your outfits. The truth is that many interior designers shop at fashion stores as well to fill their design needs. Explore the many used of this versatile strip of fabric and challenge yourself to come up with style solutions in fashion as well as other style aspects.

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