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Designer Scarves

Designer Scarves are Here to Stay! Discover the many designs, colors and fabrics we have available to choose from. Need a fashion statement for the office or special night out? You'll find many of our designers are priced 20% to 50% less than the department stores... and of course are guaranteed 100%. Check out our designer scarf selection today and look fashion glamorous tonight!
Velvet Rose Fur Scarf
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Lovely Pink Flower
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AK Floral
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Cobra Girl
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Treasured Triangle
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Colorful Dots
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Very Lovely Floral
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More Dots
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The Present
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Silk Fashion Designer Scarves And How To Wear Them

The designer scarf is here to stay! On those days when the weather is bright and sunny but for some reason your outfit looks blah... there is a simple solution; the every wearable designer scarf! It is very easy to locate scarves in any color of the rainbow and those colors are used to create patterns of all types (see our selection). It is stunning what a long cloth made of your favorite color and in your favorite pattern and fabrice can do to a drab outfit.

Art of selecting a fashion designer scarves and shawls

Any fashion pacesetter has their own style sense and creates their outfits through a mixing of color and pattern naturally. For the rest of us here are some suggestions for selecting the scarf which will best complement your wardrobe.

1. The primary consideration is to select one of these is in a color which mimics your wardrobe. To determine what that is, simply open your closet door and you will find yourself gravitating towards a few colors. Select one of these colors. Then, select a complement to it or a pattern which uses a few of them.

2. Next is to consider is the size of the pattern. A good rule is to think about which outfits garner you the most compliments. Generally, these patterns will complement your stature. However, remember rules are made to be broken in fashion. This is just an accessory and you could test out a pattern you have never tried before. Finally, mix and match to play with color and patterns for a fun fashion statement. This can be done by twisting them together, layering them, or even braiding them together for a truly unique look.

3. Wearing a scarf. Generally this bold statement of pattern and color can be seen wrapped in various ways around the head and neck part of your torso. The numbers of ways to tie and wrap them in tasteful and artistic ways is limitless. To keep the information simple for a first time wearer we will just look at the most common uses.

4. Head. Surrounding your face with the color and pattern is a distinct way to alter an outfit. Begin by neatly folding the material into a triangle. Put the base of the triangle across your forehead way you want. Carefully and securely tie the two end points together in the back and then tuck the tip under the knot.

5. Neck. To make a bold statement with your accessory consider wearing it tied loosely around your neck. Simply allow the third point of the triangle to dangle down your chest. There is also the option of wrapping it around your neck creating a statuesque look. A more moderate approach tie the designer scarf in a traditional windsor knot, or allow it to dangle as a tie, or even to twist it and tie it like a necklace behind your neck. These options allow the accent and color through, but minimally.
Have fun selecting and wearing your new designer scarves and don't be afraid to mix and match.

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