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Fashionable Movies

Fashionable Movies to Inspire your Wardrobe

Since the beginning of Hollywood cinema, people have looked to the big screen for inspiring fashions. There are so
many movies that have been the leader of momentary fashion trends and timeless,classic looks.

Here is a list of movies filled with gorgeous people who have become true fashion icons. Even though many of these movies are old, the style portrayed in them is justas wearable today as it was when they first hit the theater.

The Devil Wears Prada:
It isn’t surprising to see this movie mentioned in a list of fashionable movies since it's about the fashion industry itself. The clothing worn in this movie is fashion forward yet very wearable today. One of the greatest parts about this movie
is that it has great fashion looks for everyone. Look to Anne Hathaway's character if you are a twenty or thirty something. Look to Meryl Streep’s character if you are in the forty to fifty something bracket.

Doctor Zhivago:
If you watched the runway shows for fall/winter 2008/2009, you know that Russian inspired looks for both men and women are hot, hot, hot. Doctor Zhivago contains fashions that are a little eclectic but yet sophisticated. Putting these elements in your wardrobe will make you feel like a confident strong woman with a little air of mystery. Julie Christie’s character looked amazing and was dressed so impeccable that you can envision her walking right off the screen and
right down a catwalk.

Sex and the City:
Ever since the television show Sex and the City first aired it has been know for the amazing clothing worn by the cast. The movie version of the show continues that fashionable style. Each character has a very different style, so no matter your tastes you are sure to find looks you will love. Look to the character Carrie for clothes that are funky and bold. Look to the character Samantha for a sexy high fashion look loaded with designer labeling. Look to the character Charlotte for more conservative clothes that are still urban and fresh. Look to the character Miranda for a corporate look that says “I am woman. Hear me ROAR!”

The Changeling:
In the current economic crisis, it is not surprising to see fashion from the great depression area coming back into the forefront. Angelina Jolie’s newest movie, The Changeling, may not be the first movie you think of when you think about fashion, but it is my current personal favorite. Many people may overlook how great Angie’s character looks because
they are enraptured with the story line, but she still looks great even through all the trauma. Especially interesting to note is her amazing outwear seen throughout the movie. They are classic pieces that portray feminine strength. Any woman donning one of her coats and hats would look fantastic.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s:
Many people look to the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s first when they think of fashionable movies. There is no doubt that Audrey Hepburn’s character looked absolutely amazing. She was admired then and is still thought of today as one of the most beautifully styled women in American movie history. While the looks in the movie were often for very formal affairs, elements of the style are very wearable every day. The character Holly Golightly has become an unmatched fashion icon and this movie is the epitome of fashionable.
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