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Hand Painted Silk Scarfs

How To Care For Hand Painted Silk Scarves

Square hand painted silk scarves lend a special touch to your looks and give you an edge over others
in the fashion world.

hand painted silk scarves
It is not only a favorite accessory of women but also enjoys a special preference among the designers. You can wear a silk scarf on just any occasion and enhance your grace among the people. No wonder, such accessory is a prized possession and an indispensable part of our wardrobe.

Now we come to the point of how to care for these delicate pieces of adornments. Pure silk is a luxurious beauty. Hence, it needs to be handled with special care and love. When not in use, make sure to fold your silk scarf and store it in a secure place like a box. You can also wrap it in a piece of tissue to protect it.

Silk scarves can also be stored in your closet using accessory rings. Hang them on large round hooks. If you can provide padded hangers for storage, your delicate silk pieces can be saved from wrinkles and snags. Never expose these to direct sunlight or they may loose their sheen and color. Do not store them at a place where alcohol or chlorine has been stored.

You can also keep these fresh and sweet smelling if you place some herb sachets in the closet. However, before storing your square silk scarf, just make sure to clean it using mild detergents or any baby shampoo. Do not wring or hang it for drying. Just lay it on a clean dry towel and roll the towel to make the scarf get rid of excess water. Now, you can let your it air-dry.

While ironing your silk garment, keep the steam iron on the lowest scale. You can spread a cotton cloth or a towel on the slightly damp fabric to prevent it from direct heat. Itís good to iron it on the wrong side. Make two or three folds and use any linen box to store it. If you want to store it for a long time, place a few acid-free tissue papers.

All the above mentioned tips for washing, cleaning and storing of your silk scarves will increase the durability of these delicate pieces of fashion accessories. You will be able to use the precious silk pieces for a longer time. So, give proper care and enjoy wearing them whenever and wherever you like.
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