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Head Scarf

Versatile Head Scarves, Scarf and Hats!
There are many ways to tie one of these. But why? ...when you can purchase these versatile accessories already
tied and shaped? We have many different shapes, styles and colors to fit whatever your need. Hair loss, cancer chemotherapy treatments, surgery, sun protection... whatever the reason, you can find the perfect head covering
for you. Each style will have its own function and physical charm.
These have many uses and look great! They are also fun to wear. You can come up with your own styles
and match them with your different types of clothes. Also, don't forget another fun way of wearing a head scarf is to
wear them with our different brooches and shawl pins.
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Winter Emma
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Danny Girl
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Lovely Lady
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Turban Cap
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Silver Gray Lady
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All Star
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Pink on Pink
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Coverings and hats for Cancer Patients

  • According to fashion experts, these will have a great run and will end up becoming one the hottest fashion trends this year. This is a good thing because this is one accessory that is often overlooked. These versatile garments can give you and your outfit a unique flair and end up making you feel glamorous and sophisticated.

  • Today many celebrities are wearing these either as a thick band to tie back their hair or they are wearing it as a turban by wrapping it around their head and leaving just enough of the ends to tie a delicate and neat knot. The other way of wearing these is by tying a knot behind your ear so that the ends fall elegantly on your shoulders.

  • Both young and old women are using them as fashion accessories. While some use it for protection from the rain and weather, others prefer to use it to accentuate their features and clothing. Many female patients have also taken to wearing them after they have experienced hair loss and side effects from medical treatments and other therapies. Any of our pieces will be perfect for patients and as a way to keep your top warm. These are also perfect for covering hair loss but are also attractive at the same time... and practical!

  • Silk is the most cherished one (the silk crinkle above) as no other fabric caresses the skin like safely. Its vibrant colors and soft texture make you look and feel great.

  • Though many younger women might think head scarves are frumpy, this classic accessory is not just glamorous but also alluring. It has class, style, elegance and femininity. That is why it does not come as a shock that head scarves are making a revival. Once you experience the look and feel, you can be sure that you will never venture out without this elegant and feminine fashion accessory.
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