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Dating and the First Date

How to Dress for a First Date

Going on a date with someone for the first time is always exciting, but it can also be very stressful. One of the biggest stress creators is figuring out what to wear.

You always want to look your best, but deciding exactly what clothing and accessories are appropriate and stylish can
be difficult. As they say... first impressions are major impressions and they often effect much more than how the person
feels about your fashion sensibilities.

Here are some great tips...
...on how to make sure you look great so all you have to worry about is great conversation.

Keep It Simple:
First dates are not the time to try out the latest in trendy fashion. You want your clothing to say something about you...
but you donít want to let it talk too loudly. Stick to cuts and colors that you know look good on you and portray a classy
air. If you want to incorporate the current ďinĒ look, do so in small doses. Perhaps you can wear them in accessories
such as scarves or shoes. You will always feel and appear more confident in clothes that are a little on the safe side. Always be sure you personality speaks more than your outfit.

Stay a Little Conservative:
While you donít need to dress like a ninety year old woman or a nun, you do want to keep your look a little more toward the conservative end. More conservative looks can still be sexy, and leaving a little something to the imagination is often more sexy than skin-tight or overly revealing clothing. Like it or not, men are visual creatures. You want to get him
looking at you in a positive way. Men may be very vocal about being attracted to women who dress as if they should be
standing on a street corner or dancing around a pole, but the truth is that these women arenít typically the ones they
take seriously when looking for ďrelationship materialĒ. Plain and simple, dressing respectfully means you will be treated
more respectfully.

Donít Forget Comfort:
Dressing in an ensemble that looks great is very important... but if you're miserable in your outfit it will show. While you donít want to go in anything as comfortable as your sweats or PJís, you DO want to make sure that you can easily move and breath without having to endure major discomfort.

Shoes are extremely important to stay positive and comfortable throughout your date. You never know exactly what can happen on a first date and you certainly donít want to turn down a romantic stroll or after dinner dancing because your feet are killing you. Hobbling is never attractive. Even if you are a master at walking gracefully when your feet are
aching, it will show in your face and demeanor.

Think very carefully about the wearablity of the fabrics you choose as well. If you wear something that is too heavy, you could end up miserably hotóor even worse, you could end up with sweat rings under your arms. If your clothing is too bear or thin, you could end up shivering and not enjoying yourself as you should. Layers are always a good option so
that you can take off items if you get warm or layer them back on if you get chilled. If you are physically uncomfortable,
you simply wonít be able to concentrate fully on the more important aspects of the date. No matter how much you try to hide your discomfort, it is sure to show through.
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