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How To Wear a Shawl

Exploring the Possibilities... How to Wear a Shawl!

Who said shawls were only for the elderly? Well, whoever it was really has not been introduced to the many different
and modern styles of how to wear shawls. For instance, for a number of large rectangle or triangular stoles... in knit, pashmina, cashmere, or silk material, there are a number of ways of using this fashion accessory to glam up your everyday wardrobe choices.

Let's discuss some of the ways of donning the good old shawl.
  • The Scarf Style
    This style is pretty simple yet no less great and keeps the neck all warmed up. Wrap the width of the shawl around the neck and let the ends just flow down the shoulders. For a more interesting look, try not to let the ends drop at the same length in the front.

  • The Simple Wrap at the Elbow
    To create this chic look, simply place the wrap across your shoulder such that the ends fall down the front.
    Then let the shawl fall off from the shoulders... finally gathering at the elbows for a dramatic effect. The stole here is used not much as a protection from the cold as it does not actually cover much of the body, but more
    of a fashion accessory.

  • The Cape
    How to wear a shawl cape-style is easy and practically fuss-free. This merely involves throwing the ends
    of your wrap over the shoulders, then bringing these back around to the front to have them tied ascot style.
    The look produced is a cute little cape which not only is a perfect complement for a shirt or sweater in terms
    of fashion but also in the added warmth that it brings.

  • The Shrug
    This style is just wonderful over your favorite mini dress, or a fitted blouse or shirt. To achieve this look,
    position the wrap over the shoulders and arms, then bring the ends to the back and tie them. Other than keeping the ends out of your way, this manner of styling the wrap also keeps it secure in place.

  • The Wrap
    Just as the name implies, to get the “wrap” style of wearing a shawl, basically drape it over the upper part of
    the body and have the ends cross in the front before having them meet again at the back to be tied. When
    done correctly, the effect should resemble a cropped wrap sweater.

  • Like a Skirt
    Having the stole as a skirt? Using it like a sarong is indeed another way of how to wear a shawl. Have it wrapped around your waist like a feminine lacy skirt. This looks simply chic over jeans or leggings, and to
    add spice to an otherwise plain skirt.
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