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Great prices on quality jewelry

Absolutely beautiful jewelry to have you looking elegant and fashionable at great prices. These are QUALITY
pieces of jewelry at prices 50% to 75% less than department stores!
This quality jewelry is designed by Meryl and handmade just for Fashion Scarves and Shawls. Exquisite necklaces, bracelets, earrings and more. You will love them! Each piece includes a zippered satin jewelry bag.
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Soul's Path
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Swimming in the Sea
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The Couple
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Cloud 9
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Green Goddess
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Lapis and Pearls
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Turquoise Collar
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Blue Royalty
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Tiger Cat Necklace
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Colorado Fossil
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Mesa Canyon
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Black Stone Flower
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Sweet Honey
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Lovely Lapis Lady
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Bronze Age
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Blue Lady
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Gracious Garnet
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River Ridge
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Amber's Purple Choice
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Jewelry: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Diamonds are not the only things ladies love. Jewelry, in general, is the perfect gift for special occasions. Imagine opening a luxurious zippered satin jewelry bag to reveal beautiful necklaces or earrings. It gives
the message that you are special enough for such a wonderful gift.

Jewelry is a popular choice particularly for wedding anniversaries. Is this really surprising considering that jewelry has the knack of being attached to special memories? Yearly anniversaries landmark the passage of time so much thought should be given to each time it is celebrated. To make the process of choice less daunting, benefit from this gift guide that provides insight on the traditions that apply to wedding anniversaries.

Generally, the value of the gift increases as the anniversaries add on. For example, paper was given on the first year while wood was the gift of choice for the fifth. These days, the traditional guide may not work as well. Would you want to get paper on your anniversary? The trick with following age-old traditions is by reinterpreting them to suit the occasion.

Couples can still follow this without having to provide actual paper on an anniversary celebration. For instance, try giving jewelry that features thin slices of jasper stone to mimic the sheets of paper during the first year. Get creative with your interpretation of tradition to surprise your partner with a one of a kind gift.

Not everyone has the budget to give jewelry each year. If this is the case, then save up for a big gift each year. Recently, the trend is to give gold jewelry during the first year while pearls are reserved for the third. After all, quality trumps quantity when it comes to jewelry.

One of the major trends in jewelry is multi-stand necklaces. In fact, it is even very much in vogue to mix different stones together. In cases such as these, only buy those that have well-constructed strands that are not tangled together. If the strands, from the very beginning are already a mess because of the way they were made, no amount of fussing will fix it into neat layers.

On that note, mixing different materials in the same jewelry can be tricky. When choosing to give a gift for an anniversary, look at its overall balance. The colors and the textures should complement each other. If the clusters of stones are already big, then the chain should be simple to prevent being overly ostentatious.

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