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Pearl Brooches

Pearl Brooches To Love!

Look elegant and wealthy with these beautiful pearl brooches and pins. Imagine having a pearl brooch on your black or dark colored shawl, not only to hold your shawl in place but to give a really elegant, unique look. Purchase several to match and contrast with your various shawl colors and styles.
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New and Creative Ways to Wear a Pearl Brooches

There is no doubt that a brooch can make any outfit you wear look elegant. But, imagine a circle of pearls pinned on the lapel of a jacket. It can add a pop of color in a black top or provide contrast to a printed shirt.

However, wearing a brooch on the clothes is not the only way to make of it. You can get creative with this accessory for a fresh new style.

On a hat:
Brooches look chic when pinned on a beret or any kind of cloth hat. Mimic the styles of Parisians by adding this decorative element to your outfit. If you are unsure of how to wear them, start off with a plain hat and attach the brooch to its side. As you become more comfortable with the technique, you can experiment by mixing printed or even sequined hats with this accessory. What makes the brooch work with hats is that it draws attention to your face. Brooch-pinned hats are best paired with simple and natural makeup to avoid looking contrived.

On a necklace:
One of the most unique ways to wear a brooch is to pin it to necklace to transform it to more than just a plain chain. You can simply attach one noticeable brooch as a decorative accent or go all out with several pins. Wearing a necklace this way can highlight the neck and provide the perfect accessory to a simple shirt or low-cut dress. This technique works especially well with pearl brooches. It mimics the traditional look of an elegant pearl necklace without looking dated.

On a bag:
Just because pearl brooches are considered as accessories do not mean that they cannot be used on other items under the same category. Pearl brooches on the side of a bag or at the purse handles can help anchor an outfit. For an unexpected twist, pair pearl broaches with casual bag materials such as rattan or cotton. It may seem unusual but what is fashion without risks? When using pearl brooches on bags, make sure that the pin is well-constructed to avoid the mishap of damage due to exposure to the elements.

On shoes:
What lady does not love shoes? In most cases, the more embellished they are, the better. To up the ante when it comes to footwork, accent a pair of casual ballet flats with pearl brooches. It will instantly elevate a plain pair of shoes to something fancy enough for formal events. If you do decide to accessorize your shoes, remember that the brooches have to come in pairs as well.

On charm straps:
A woman has to carry so many things with her that a peek into her purse will reveal a variety of straps. I.D. laces, bag charms, and even cellular phones straps offer great opportunities for your pearl brooch. This can creates a visual interest where none existed before and is a creative way to refresh the use of brooches.

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