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Discover the Shawl Wrap

Get a Beautiful Women's Shawl Wrap!

Look beautiful...feel beautiful with these shawls and wraps from Fashion Scarves and Shawls. Today, many women are wearing these unique fashion accessories and looking stylish and fashionable as a result. Choose a shawl...or shawls for any occasion in pashmina, silk, cashmere and other soft, beautiful fabrics. Don't forget about our second to none customer service!
    "Dear Fashion Scarves and Shawls: The shawl wrap arrived today - faster than Australia Post!!! It is fantastic -
    all as described - thank you so much for the pleasant efficient transaction - I look forward to dealing with
    you again soon." Pat McLeod Sydney, Australia
Cashmere Shawl w/Fur
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Ribbon Feathers
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Bold Stripes
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Fiji Frolic
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Funky Yarn and Satin
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Velvet Butterfly
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Blanket Shawl
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Silky Pashmina Shawl
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Two Tone Velvet
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The Opera
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True Love
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Glam It Up
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Crocheted Delight
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Perfect Plaid
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Classical Burnout Velvet
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Sheep Fur Shawl
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Bella Bella
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Triangle Black Velvet Shawl
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Luxury Velvet
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Rhinestone Beauty
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    Different Ways to Tie a Shawl and Scarves & Wraps in the Cold Weather

    Experimenting with the many different ways to tie a shawl can be a great way to explore your feminine and creative side. Fashion is always fun and what better way to have fun than to maximize the use of our favorite versatile accessory – the shawl.

    This time however, let us explore the different ways to tie a shawl which is applicable not only as a fashion statement but also as must-have for these cold months. With the winter months upon us, these tips not only
    touch on the chic aspect of the various styles but also on the comfort that it brings.

    As a winter ascot: If you want to feel all snuggled up in cashmere luxury, then this style is simply the best for
    that winter wonderland walk. Creating this look wouldn’t take half a minute: loop the wrap in half, wrap it around
    your neck, and slip the ends through the loop, ascot style. Chic and comfortable, you couldn’t ask for more.

    Cowl style: Stoles or scarves wrapped too close to the throat could leave you feeling uncomfortable. For a more relaxed look to go with your favorite winter coat, try draping you shawl loosely around the neck, the ends trailing at your back. Then bring the ends back forward and position them in front, arranging them loosely to form a cowl.

    As an accent for jackets and sweaters: The usual evening wraps shawls, more than just being a very comfortable covering for the upper body, can also serve as an accent as well. Using an elongated scarf or stole for this, place the length around your neck with the ends coming over to the front, then tie the ends and adjust according to how it would best suit your attire.

    As a winter wear scarf: As the name implies, this style is most applicable during the cold months by keeping in that much needed heat while keeping you also looking your best. Spread wide your shawl and slip this around your shoulders, bringing the ends to the front while allowing some draping in the back to add elegance. While tying the ends in front may also be done, it is best to secure this in place with a matching shawl pin or stick.

    Indeed, while wraps and stoles are important fashion necessities, let us not forget their other important use:
    giving warmth. Combining these two would give you a potent combination for conquering the cold and doing it fashionably.

    Try out the different ways to tie scarves wraps shawls now.
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