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Silk Purses

Glamorous Silk Purses

Try one of our stylish, silk purses and see all the compliments you'll receive! These inexpensive... but "expensive looking" silk handbags will have others asking you where you bought it. You will love your "silk purse".
Ms. Sallie
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Ruffled Roses
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Smaller Ruffled Roses
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Rose Clutch
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My Rose Purse
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Really Ruffled Purse
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Evening Roses
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Rose Trimmed Purse
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Ms. Potter
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The Doís and Doníts of Silk Purses

In as much as fashion says that it is all about breaking the rules, there are some guidelines when it comes to the use of silk purses to keep you from becoming a fashion victim. Most of these relate to how the bag interacts with other aspects of your outfit while the rest refer to the appearance of the bag itself.

There are some people that insist that the silk purse only belongs to the elderly. However, that is not the case. Although this material may not be as youthful as other materials such as leather, it is definitely far from being behind the times. Its beauty and freshness all depends on its design and how well it is made.

To keep your silk purse looking fresh, it should complement your outfit. Use it whenever you wear clothes that are classic and are tailored to look more structured. Avoid silk purses when you are wearing casual shirts or shorts. Although contrast is usually a good thing when it comes to fashion, silk purses already make an impact on its own. If you pair them with equally eye-catching elements, the tendency is for them to clash and result in an unsophisticated mess.

The best ways to use silk purses are still with dresses or suits that are made from rich fabrics such as velvet and brocade. These materials can stand up well against the innate elegance of the silk. There are some cotton fabrics that can also work well with these purses. If you choose to wear cooler and lighter materials, the cut and make of the clothing should be impeccable so the elegance of the purse is not diluted.

Silk purses also offer a special situation when it comes to the accessories. Since these bags already provide a luster and appearance of opulence, it is best to stick to simple jewelry. Accessories such as earrings or brooches should be well-made. If they look cheap, then this fact would be highlighted by the silk material. Another good suggestion when it comes to accessories is to steer clear of items that have pointed edges to prevent them from snagging on the silk.

The same line of thought should apply when it comes to choosing colors. Do choose colors that tend to complement each other. A colorful silk purse work best with clothing that is more subdued. That way, the hues do not cot compete with each other.

Silk purses make it easy for any kind of dirt or grime to be highlighted. As such, it is important to keep your bag clean all the time. Save yourself from the embarrassment of a wasted outfit because of a dirty bag. To keep your silk purse clean, store it in a fabric bag when it is not in use. If you are using it, do not leave it on the floor because silk has the tendency to absorb grease or dust that it comes in contact with.

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