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Silk Scarves

We have many, many fantastic looking silk scarves. In fact, you can probably find one to fit almost every occasion,
party or get together for any time of year.

These make wonderful gifts. Give them as gifts to everyone you care about... including yourself! Scarves are fantastic accessories. They go with everything, and can be tied in hundreds of different ways. They can be tied around the neck
as a fashion accessory or as a practical accessory to keep you dry or warm. They can be tied around the head, again
as a fashionable accessory, to keep your hair dry, or just to look good.
You can also use them to tie your hair back and keep it out of your face. They can be used as belts, to keep your trousers or skirt up while looking good at the same time and you can even tie them around your ankle or wrist for an extra special and different look.
Cobra Girl
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Dots On Chiffon
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Floral Reflections
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Flower Shower
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Grandma's Garden
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Lovely Pink Flower
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Marching Leaves
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Reptile Lady
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Tied Dyed Sweetie
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Treasured Triangle
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True Love
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Very Lovely Floral
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Wild Roses
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Silk Organza Scarf
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Splashes of Gold
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Sugar and Spice
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Sweetie Two
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Floral Silk Oblong
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Shelia Oblong
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Holiday Colors
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Roses For Her
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Lovely White Silk
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Shimmering Roses
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Silk Flower Garden
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Silk Scarf Pleasure - Why It Is So Nice To Wear Silk Scarves

Silk scarves pleasure has long been demonstrated because the material of silk speaks of luxury, femininity and sex. This material is used in many bedroom fantasies and some people are completely obsessed with silk pleasure, taking this to new levels. Not only do they surround themselves, they will have silk sheets and clothing as well. So what exactly is so special about this all natural fabric that makes people almost obsess about it?

Early History:
The first time it was developed into a fabric was in ancient China. Records exist that show the first samples were produced well before 3500 B.C. Legend has it that the first person for whom it was developed was herself very interested in the pleasure of them. Her name was Hsi Ling Shih Lei Tzu, a beautiful Chinese empress.

Following this, silk remained to be in the possession only of the emperors and empresses of China. However, they regularly donated some to other high placed people. This is was how word spread not just through the high society of China, but also to other countries throughout Asia.

The pleasure of this fabric became known across the continent and became famous because of the luxurious feel and its unusual luster and texture. The demand for was very high and one of the biggest pre-industrial international trade items. Evidence shows that around 2,500 years ago, the Chinese started to dye it, which used highly complicated technologies that were previously believed to be well beyond the capabilities of people of that era.

Silk Around The World:

As stated, it wasn't long before it started to flood high society market around the Oriental world. An Egyptian mummy dated to around 1070 B.C. was found with it in its hair. The Egyptians knew all about pleasure and it is clear these became very popular here too. The trade of this material reached the Middle East, the Indian subcontinent, North Africa and Europe. In fact, because the trade was so important, the routes that were laid between Asia and Europe became known as the Silk Road, a term that is still used today.

Then, just as now, the Chinese liked to keep things secret. Hence, they didn't give away their secrets of sericulture, thereby maintaining their monopoly. By around 200 B.C., however, Korea figured sericulture out, and it then spread to ancient Khotan. Evidence shows they were involved in its raising from the 1st century A.D.

Several years later, the practice was also established in India. Although it did spread in terms of production, it took well over 2,000 years for people outside of China to understand its production. In terms of high society, however, Chinese silk remained the most sought after luxury item across Asia and Europe and to this day, it is valued above other types of silk.

Its Physical Properties:
The luxurious feel is due to the intricate fabric of the fibers. It would never have been so worldwide, were it not for the material itself. It comes from the Bombyx mori silkworm. It has a triangular cross section with rounded corners. The surface is so flat that it is able to reflect light from different angles, which is another one of its unusual properties.

Different silkworms produce different shapes and diameters. The texture was the main driver in it silky softness. It is very smooth, yet isn't slippery. This is how you can tell the difference between real and synthetic fibers: synthetic is incredibly slippery and will not stay in place. It is also one of the strongest fibers produced naturally... but it will lose a lot of its strength if it is made wet. It is not an elastic fabric and if stretched, is unable to regain its original shape. It also does not like direct sunlight, which can cause it to weaken.

If left dirty, insects will often attack the material. Also, it is a poor conductor which does make it highly susceptible to static electricity. If it is unwashed the fiber macrostructure relaxes and it will shrink. Hence, before a garment is made out of silk, it should be washed. Alternatively, it can be dry cleaned, but this can still cause the fabric to shrink. However, if left on its own, silk will not shrink at all.

Why Is It So Popular?
Silk is a hugely popular product. Of course, this is one of the main reasons for its popularity. The fabric, in other words... simply feels good. But, why does it feel so good? Because it has a high absorbency. So, it can be worn comfortably in warm weather or when a person is active. Also,because it is a poor conductor, warm air stays close to the skin in the cold as well, making it the perfect all round fabric.

Silk is used not just in scarves, but all elements of clothing, including traditional costumes from the Far East. It is also used on furniture and wall hangings. It is also used on an industrial level, such as bicycle tires, artillery gunpowder bags and parachutes... besides, many, many other items.

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