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Silk Square Scarf

Beautiful Silk Square Scarf and Scarves and other Fabrics! Now is the time to discover the enjoyment of owning a square silk scarf! With many styles, colors and sizes to choose from, you're sure to find "fashion statement" you've been looking for.
Need a scarf for the office? ...or maybe an accessory for that special date or outing? That's easy...browse through our selection. Remember, these are perfect for making a fast style change to your wardrobe. Keep a couple in your purse and you can change your look in seconds!
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Wear Silk Square Scarf

Square silk scarves are versatile and attractive additions to any fashion wardrobe. Beautiful silken square scarves invoke memories of old Hollywood and the French Riviera where a more elegant style was the order of the day.

  • 1. The first obvious use of these beautiful accessories are to wrap it around your neck. What a tremendously sensuous feeling it is to have a square satin garment caress your neck as you go through your day. To tie the scarf around your neck, first take the square and fold one corner across the scarf to touch the opposite corner making a triangle shape.

    Take the folded scarf and gently place it against the your neck with the large pointed end draping against your back. Now take one of the ends in each hand and tie a knot loosely against your neck. Repeat this with another knot. Slide the knot to either side of your neck for a more stylish look.

  • 2. Square silken scarves

    ...can also be used as kerchiefs or head wraps. One common wrap is called "The Gypsy". To create this look, take the scarf and open it to the square. As with the previous wrap, fold one corner up to the opposite corner to form the triangle. Take the folded scarf and place it over your head. Tie the loose ends behind your neck and tuck in the remaining ends.

  • 3. Another popular look is the "Kelly Wrap". This look was made famous by the actress Grace Kelly. To achieve this look take a triangular folded scarf and place it on your head with the folded edge facing forward. Wrap the loose ends under your chin and bring them behind your neck. Tie the ends in a loose double knot and live out your own movie for the day.

  • These are just a few of the ways in which to enjoy a square silk scarf. With a little imagination and color coordination, you can pair just about any outfit with a beautiful silken enhancement. Have fun and look fantastic!

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