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White Silk Aviator Scarves

Aviator Scarf! 100% Pure Silk Men's & Women's QUALITY Aviator Scarfs and Motorcycle Scarves

Feel the wind as you do loops in your bi-wing airplane... your white silk aviator scarf flowing in the wind.

You'll love these 100% white silk aviator scarves. An aviator scarf - motorcycle scarf like these make "Great"
birthday, Christmas and groomsmen gifts and presents. All are double layered 100% silk scarves!
  • >>>"The aviator scarves are the best I have ever seen. My finance thinks so too. Ordered a white scarf
    and re-ordered another white,and a black one. High quality". Lorrie W., Anacortes, WA
    >>>"The two white silk scarves I ordered arrived a few days ago, and I must say they are exactly what
    I'd hoped for.
    My husband and I fly a 1928 open cockpit biplane and these scarves are perfect for our vintage
    aviation purposes. Thank you". Liz Gomoll, Roseville, MN
    Dashing Aviator
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    Classic Aviator Scarf
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    The Aviator
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    White silk aviator scarves are making a big comeback. They add flair and a sense of daring do to any man's
    (and woman's) wardrobe.

    Maybe he pictures himself as a World War I ace screaming across the smoke-filled skies above war-torn France and Belgium. Fighting it out in a bi-plane dueling with Germany's infamous Red Baron or looking out of the cockpit of a bi-plane as he crop dusts America's mid-west farms... or barnstorming his way across the country in the early 1920s...
    his white silk aviator scarf flowing in the wind.

    At over five feet long, they make the perfect gift for birthdays, Christmas, Father's day, anniversary...and don't forget
    the groomsmen!

      >>>Just to let you know my scarf arrived yesterday and I wore it, out on my motorcycle, last night.
      I am very pleased with it and I now remember why silk scarves were so popular way back when I was young!
      Toasty, warm and windproof. Thanks for your Customer Service and yes, I am 100% satisfied with my order.
      Thanks again and best regards. John Stevens, Berkshire, United Kingdom

      >>>The scarves were perfect! We're doing a play about the WASPS (Women Air Force Service Pilots)
      from WWII. I needed the scarves to go with their flight jackets. Thank you! You'll be hearing from me again.
      Darice DaMata-Geiger, Kenosha, Wisconsin

      >>>I got my aviator scarves in the mailbox today and I just wanted to say thank you. They look
      I also want you to know how much I appreciate the smooth and quick handling.
      Pär Lindgren, Kristianstad, Sweden

      >>> "Love the scarf! My father is a retired Navy pilot/Captain for American Airlines and my boyfriend
      of three years is a pilot (owns his plane) and I'm going to fly with him on my birthday in November
      and I want to really add something special -- I will take pics and send to you --
      I have you in my Favorites and will check in as I always do with vendors I like -- thanks so much for the
      fast delivery -- the scarf is hiding in secrecy until I wear it with black jeans, bomber jacket, aviator sunglasses,
      black driving gloves and my way too cool white silk aviator scarf! Thanks for adding to the anticipation of this special time with him --he will LOVE the scarf" Wendy T., Morristown, NJ.

      >>> "I just received my new aviator scarf this morning. I must tell you, not only is it beautifully made but
      the material it's made of is quite classy. I chose you out of 10 other "aviator scarf" sites. I made a good
      I will tell all my friends about your beautiful scarves". Quebec, Canada

      >>>"We got the scarf. It is really beautiful. My husband got a leather bomber jacket so I got him
      the aviator scarf to go with it. Take care", Becki Lott, Phoenixville, PA.

    Whether they are worn with a leather bomber jacket - for that authentic WWI fighter pilot look - or any combination of clothing... be it sport coat or denim jacket - these will add an air of panache, mystery, and masculinity to any man.
    This perfect accoutrement - (which protected fighter pilots' necks from getting chafed as they rubbed up against leather jackets and equipment in their bi-planes) - will make the perfect present as it adds a cutting-edge fashion statement to any man's outfit. White silk aviator scarves are indeed coming back big time - don't miss the plane!

    The Aviator Scarf & Motorcycle Scarf: More Popular than Ever!

    Looking back in aviation and motorcycle history, there was a time when planes used to have open air cockpit and motorcycles used to be larger in size. Because of this characteristic, pilots and motorcyclists had to be dressed accordingly to prevent chafing from wearing the leather jacket. This is because thousands of feet above the ground, the air is extremely cold and when you add the wind factor, it can sometimes be unbearable. Thus, pilots wore aviation caps, goggles, gloves and jackets, and of course, so did motorcycle riders. Of course, one very important accessory as well was the aviator and motorcycle scarves.

    Just like all the other garments that a pilot used to wear, this scarf also had its own particular role in keeping the cold away. You see, when a pilot flies without a scarf, the wind, being blown at the pilot, tends to slide through the opening of the jacket. In an effort to fix this, pilots wore scarves to keep the wind away from entering the holes of their jacket. Aside from that, these accessories were made in a specific design. More often than not silk was the fabric of choice because of its smooth and lightweight properties. Other fabrics were rough so they would irritate the neck area of the pilots. When it came to silk, it was the perfect balance of comfort and protection from the harsh winds in the sky with these pilot supplies.

    As for the dimensions of an aviator and chopper scarves, these were generally a foot in width and up to six feet long. The reason for this is because pilots and bikers would need to wrap it around their neck several times to keep them from freezing. Also, when this accessory was first introduced in the military, it was only produced in a white color. However, as it became more commercialized, pilots chose bolder options such as velvet red or navy blue.

    After the change in color, Hollywood took the scarf and used it as the trademark image of pilots in their movies. Of course they added extra touches to it such as ruffles or frayed ends. They also introduced several different ways of knotting the scarf that would otherwise be impractical to use while flying. As you can see, there was a significant importance to the aviator scarf back in the day. It was practical and useful although in this day and age, it has become more of a style accessory. Since open cockpit airplanes are rarely used, people have begun using these accessories to accentuate their outfits. Either way, it is a beautiful and historically rich accessory that any fashion savvy person should have.

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