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Winter Hats

Warm and cozy winter hats'll absolutely love to wear. These fashionable women's hats will have you looking fantastic while staying warm.
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Angora Rhinestone Cap
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The Beret
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Fun Fuzzy Cap
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Walk for the Cure
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Leopard Knit Cap
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Rhinestone Darling
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Keeping Warm with Flair: The Different Kinds of Winter Hats

There is a common belief that most of a body’s heat escapes through the head. Whether or not this is true, there is no doubt that a winter hat does a good job when it comes to keeping you cozy during a cold day. With the many different styles and materials used in winter hat design, the chill does not stand a chance.

The first kind of winter hat is referred to as the beanie. Although typically considered as casual, they can actually transcend to a more formal look. It all depends on the material used in constructing the hat. A beanie is simply constructed to create a covering that fits snugly over the head up until the ears. The embellishment on the crown is optional and more modern designs do away with it entirely. The beanie
has a lip that can be folded at the bottom.

The advantage of a beanie is that it is very easy to wear. There is no need to style it or fuss with tipping it to the side in order to get the right angle. Also, it covers the head well to provide ample warmth. When choosing a beanie, make sure to get one that fits properly. Otherwise, its effectiveness would be diluted. Beanies range from small to large so choose wisely.

Similar to the beanie is the beret. It is a round hat that has a full top that has sufficient material to hand over the side. Unlike the beanie, the beret does not cover over the ears. Warm materials such as viscose and wool are ideal for berets. These have the look and feel of luxury without being too hard on the pocket.

Another kind of winter hat style is the newsboy cap, which is usually made out of wool. What distinguishes this from other kinds of hats is that it has a hard bill prominently displayed in front while its top is usually fuller. The newsboy cap gets its name from the hats worn by men who used to sell the papers on the streets.

While there are different kinds of winter hat styles, it is nothing compared to the variety offered by the colors and materials available. While most of the hats come in neutral colors such as blacks and browns, there are also options for the more adventurous. Choose hats that come in bright hues such as reds or royal blue. There are even styles that incorporate stripes of color in the same hat.

On the other hand, there are some hats get their drama from the texture rather than the color. This is also a chic way to garner attention for your fashion sense. Materials such as angora and mohair are excellent examples of this.

No matter what kind of winter hat you decide on, get the best quality one you can find. Look at the seams to see where to see if they are sewn well.

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