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Spice Up Your Evening Wear With Soft Alpaca Shawls

What is a Shawl A shawl is a rectangular or squared piece of clothing worn loosely on arms, upper body and over the shoulders or head. Triangle and oblong shaped shawls are also available in the market. Shawls are known to be originated from Persia and first worn around 1662. One common way to wear [...]

Evening Shawls… Fashionable Ways To Wear Them!

How to wear evening shawls …formal events often come with a dress code that everyone is expected to follow. Individuals who have received an invitation will need to ensure they know what they are going to wear. On top of choosing the right kind of dress or gown, women will need to make sure that [...]

Evening Shawls:How to Mix and Match Your Shawl

The evening shawl t versatile accessor…is one of the mosies in the world of fashion. It should be in every girl’s closet but it does not have to be limited for women only since it works just as great with men. You can use evening shawls in many ways. You can use the same piece [...]

Evening Shawls and Scarves Transcend Fashion!

Evening Scarves and shawls! Throughout man’s history nothing could have been more interesting than the clothes he wears. Primarily used to cover the body and provide ample protection against varying forms of harm, clothes have come a long way from our primitive club-wielding relatives. Shawls, scarves, toles, and other similar garments have moved well beyond [...]

How to Store Evening Shawls Properly

Many evening shawls are made of luxury fabrics such as silk, cashmere, velvet or chiffon. All these create an aura of class and sophistication for its wearers. However, their luxury comes at a price – some of the best fabrics are those that are hardest to clean or maintain. Some of these require dry cleaning, [...]