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Silver Pashmina Shawls

Today pashmina shawls …are here so we can dress casually, like we do with our tees and jeans.  They are considered a part of  today’s clothing ensemble and people, especially women are having fun using many colored pashmina shawls in so many different and creative ways possible.   One of the reasons for the popularity is [...]

Pashmina Shawls Are Beautiful and Affordable

Pashmina Shawls – Beautiful, Useful And Affordable Pashmina and the shawls, shawl, scarf and wraps that are made from this beautiful fabric is a soft wool from the goats inhabiting the upper and coldest regions of the Himalayan mountains. It’s thin, fine texture has provided some of the world’s most glorious fabrics for centuries.  In [...]

How to Hang a Shawl in a Closet

Tricks to Keeping Pashmina Shawls in Top Condition! A pashmina shawl is one of those fashion accessories that is said to withstand the test of time. However, a their design and make are rendered meaningless if its condition is not maintained: it will still be useless after a couple of wears. To make sure that [...]

What is a Shawl in Today’s World?

What is a shawl by definition? The word is a noun and has a dictionary meaning as being a square or rectangular piece of cloth or fabric that is used or worn to cover the head, neck and shoulder area of the body. By definition, it is nothing more than a very simple fashion accessory [...]

How to Wear a Scarf Shawl: Turn Your Plain Scarf into Fashion

The shawl is a wardrobe item that many people own for the purpose it serves during the cold season. During the winter and fall months, a shawl is almost mandatory wear for most people to help them keep warm. Regrettably, shawls are almost immediately discarded once the cold is gone to be retrieved again when [...]