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The Mens Scarf and What Real Men Think About Fashion

This is where a mens scarf comes in handy. Many men want to dress nicely, but don’t have any desire to look like they just walked off the runway in Milan. I recently took some time to talk to regular guys regarding their thoughts on fashion and was pleasantly surprised to see that normal guys [...]

Men’s Summer Scarves

Summer is on its way and it’s a great time to buy the man in your life a new scarf for the season. Men’s scarves look great when worn with casual summer attire. A casually wrapped scarf creates a sophisticated and stylish look which is perfect for a day of running errands, a walk in [...]

Dress your Guy for Spring with Scarves

Men’s Fashion and Scarves Gentlemen used to wear their scarf draped simply around their neck. Their scarf would be barely visible under their coat. This was a waste of such a wonderful fashion accessory. Scarves add sophistication and flare to a man’s look and should be more prominent in their wardrobe. Luckily today’s modern man [...]

Style Tips On Choosing Men’s Scarves

Men’s scarves are fast becoming a popular, fashionable accessory. Those with bold, vibrant hues, adornments and other decorative statements are becoming equally acceptable for pairing with outfits by men as they have long been for women. When choosing a men’s scarf, the trick to getting the right look is to choose a style and design [...]

Style and Fabric Choice for Men’s Scarves

Scarves Are a Great Fashion Accessory When it comes to fashion women seem to have the upper hand.  Perhaps it’s because they pay closer attention to the “must have” fashions of the season.  This can leave men feeling a bit lost when it comes to knowing how to accessorize their look.  Scarves have always been [...]