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Scarves are Perfect for a Walk in the Park

Scarves are perfect in all types of weather. People wrap them around their necks to stay warm in the chill of winter and they wear them to complete their outfit to create a stylish look. Having a scarf on hand means you are ready for whatever Mother Nature throws at you. And what makes scarves [...]

Scarves for Spring

Mother Nature sometimes has a mind of her own. Just when we think winter is over she throws another chilly blast your way. This can make it extremely difficult to decide what to wear every morning. Do we put on that warm cozy sweater because the sky looks grey or will the sun come out [...]

Tips on How to Wear Scarves

It can be difficult to know how to wear a scarf considering there are so many different types. There are silk scarves, long wool scarves, pashminas, square scarves and wraps just to name a few. How does anyone sort out all the different styles and stay on top of what’s hot this year? Luckily wearing [...]

Jet Setting with Scarves

Traveling with Scarves As winter drags on many of us dream about sunny destinations. Many of us travel during the winter months to escape the cold, snow and the rain. Packing for those warm holidays can be difficult when you don’t know what Mother Nature could have in store for you. And let’s not forget [...]

Scarves are Perfect for New Moms

Scarves are great for keeping us warm and are great at adding colour and flare to our wardrobe. They add life to old outfits and help make those seasonal transitions. Scarves are also wonderful for Moms and babies. They have so many more uses other than warmth and fashion. Scarves to Protect your Baby When [...]