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Creating Special Olympic Scarves Lets You Support Athletes and More

   This project itself started out as an idea of asking for five thousand… …scarves that could be used for the Games in 2009 and even then, it received so much attention that the goal was exceeded twelve times over and more than sixty thousand scarves were made and sent in. Scarves came from all [...]

Special Olympic Scarves Serve A Very Important Purpose

You may have heard about an amazing project that was first initiated in 2009 during the Special Olympics that took place in Boise, Idaho. For three years now, the Special Olympic scarves project has been making a difference in the lives of many, many people who participate in this major world event. Each year there [...]

Fashion Scarves are Perfect for Pictures

Fashion Scarves are Perfect Fashion Accessories Pictures are taken to capture special moments in time. A lot of thought and planning goes into a photo session. Whether it be engagement photos, pregnancy pictures or pictures with family and friends, what you wear in the picture makes a difference. Fashion scarves are perfect for pictures. They [...]

Fashion Scarves for New Moms

Scarves are the hottest fashion accessory. They can be worn with anything and can be worn everywhere. Fashion scarves create a sophisticated and trendy look and are perfect for busy moms on the go. Scarf Fashion Ideas for New Moms Many new moms barely have time for themselves. This is when it’s nice to have [...]

Scarves are Essential for Vacation

As the school year comes to a close many families start to plan their summer vacations. Whether you are flying to destinations far away or loading up the car for a family camping trip don’t forget to pack your scarf. Scarves are a vacation essential. They are versatile and easy to pack in your handbag, [...]