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The Mens Scarf and What Real Men Think About Fashion

This is where a mens scarf comes in handy. Many men want to dress nicely, but don’t have any desire to look like they just walked off the runway in Milan. I recently took some time to talk to regular guys regarding their thoughts on fashion and was pleasantly surprised to see that normal guys [...]

Scarves for Men – How to Add them to their Wardrobe

Men’s Fashion has Evolved Fashion for men has come leaps and bounds in the last 20 years. Traditionally men’s fashion consisted of jeans, t-shirts and shirts for informal and casual occasions and suits and tuxedos for formal events. Nowadays a well made pair of jeans paired with the right shirt and jacket can be worn [...]

Scarves Make Great Travel Companions

Holiday season is approaching and so is the time of year when people like to head to warmer climates for a welcomed vacation.  If you’re planning a vacation this winter, deciding what to pack can be a challenge.   How warm will it be?  Will there be rainy days?  Will all of these clothes fit into [...]