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Scarves are Perfect Motorcycle Attire

The sun is out and the temperatures are warming up. Time to get out the bike and take a ride! A common concern with many women is the fact that their helmet affects their hair, giving them what is so nicely referred to as “helmet head”. Wearing a beautiful silk scarf around your hair will [...]

Ideas for Wearing Head Scarves

History of Head Scarves Scarves have been worn in many different ways but perhaps the most ancient and most traditional purposes for wearing scarves has been to cover one’s head. In some cultures it is still insisted that women wear head scarves and in some areas of the world it is necessary for women to [...]

How To Crochet A Hooded Scarf

Hooded Scarves are Fun There are many types of scarves for women and crocheting a hooded scarf can be a fun way to have a much needed item to keep you warm this winter. There are many different colors of yarn available and you can make several scarves to go with all of your different [...]

Silk Scarves Help Manage Your Hair

Silk Scarves as a Bun Cover The scarf can also be worn as a bun cover. Simply comb the hair into a sleek bun. Place the folded scarf at the hairline and smooth down. Wrap the scarf around the bun and then twirl the loose ends around the bun itself. When coordinating the item with [...]

The Head Scarf: A Perfect Solution To a Bad Hair Day

A head scarf …is not just dressy and classic,  but also sporty and casual when you want it to be.  It is the perfect solution to a “bad hair” day.  A chic head scarf worn in the hair is bound to turn heads whether you wrap it around a ponytail, wear it as a bandana [...]